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Our Education apps and solutions are developed using unrivaled technology and strategies. We make learning more compelling through incorporating tech that focuses on the absorbing power of a leaner.


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Enabling global educational advances through smart solutions.

  • Secure Data Management

    Numerous QA tests are conducted before certifying our every solution to achieve a high ranked data security standard.

  • Engaging Technological Resources

    The aim of Yudiz is to provide better access for smart learning through implementing specialized Tech-based resources.

  • Ever Growing Mindset

    We always keep on upskilling our methods and processes to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our clients.


Learning Management Systems

Automate your institute’s every task and engage into modern educational practices. Innovative concepts meet learning demands to revolutionize the educational field.


E-book Learning Platforms

Engage your learners more deeply and create a virtual universe for them through our modern tech-enabled solutions. Maximize their growth potential and make learning fun.


Gamified Educational Solutions

An innovative concept that allows learners of every age to approach modern learning methods. A perfect balance of knowledge and amusement that revamp educational practices.


On-Demand e-learning Apps

Tools and platforms that offer comprehensive as well as dedicated services developed keeping in mind the new-tech revolution.


Skill Boosting Solutions

Solutions that give significant importance to growth and moving ahead with the best skills to adapt and explore the world.


Training and Quiz Apps

EdTech Applications that helps you organize quantitative tests to increase your users and learners aptitude

Our Industry wise


Ed Tech

We are the leading mobile game development company providing extraordinary gamified solutions that incorporate trending technologies.


  • General Edu-Tech Features
  • Modern Edu-Tech Features
Growing through Adapting New Learning Methods

We believe academics is one of the three fundamental cornerstones for introducing any sorts of modern development that is the reason we have consistently associated ourselves with the sector. Yudiz a leading education app development company focuses on learning and adapting new technologies to develop the most comprehensive EdTech Solutions.

We Care for Your Future and Scale our Potential Aptly
Transformative Management Tools

Our EdTech solutions act as transformative tools for both learners and educational organizations

Personalization and Flexibility

We develop diverse solutions that offer amazing feature-rich functionalities that match your user preferences.

Transparency and Assistance

Our Educational Apps are backed by robust assistance and support services. Also implements transparent management processes.

Nex-Gen Technologies and Visuals

Addressing the developing demands of our clients we develop integrated solutions utilizing next-gen technologies.

4Ds what we do


We understand every design we create holds a unique value and aspires to profitably meet our client’s ideal purpose and business goals.


We fabricate scalable solutions from scratch. Our education app development experts practice comprehensive research tactics that give us a competitive edge.


We consider every minor as well as major practical and theoretical repercussions to carry out rigorously planned deployment of your solutions and products.


We acknowledge that debugging helps in improving our methodologies, solutions, and products to attain a proficient result that is worth our clients’ time and money.

What Our Clients Say


Ruby L. Evans

They aspire to create and retain customers for the foreseeable future with effective communication and proper resolution of various complex issues. They extend reliable and flexible services to ensure utmost satisfaction as well for their our end clients.

Matt Perper

They’ve been resourceful, transparent and organized with their workflow throughout the whole process. They are highly passionate in their respective field, utilize advanced tools and provide researched backed solutions accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

1. How did smart learning and e-Learning come into effect?

When the pandemic hit, situations were quite dire but it was the center’s choice to not stop the educational practices as it would indirectly affect the country’s growth. Entrepreneurs and IT experts explore the possibilities of slowly but gradually moving the whole educational system online. They first came up with educational web apps and through constant innovation they introduced smart learning into the market.

2. List some of the advancing features of Edu-Tech Solutions?

We have divided our offered features in the Edu-Tech sector into two categories and talking about advancing features our education app development services include

  • AI based personalized learning
  • AR/VR integration
  • Performance Tracker
  • Multi Language Educational Practices

3. How much does it cost to offer e-Learning app development services?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the prerequisites of our clients. There are a lot of variables involved such as third party software integration, licensing, time of our dedicated developers, the amount of UI/UX design involved and much more.

4. What technologies are effectively being integrated with the educational sector?

The most favorable and unique technologies that have been subjected to successful integration are Applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Metaverse.

5. State the time and employee strength it could take to develop a EduTech app?

The answer to this question depends on the prerequisites of our clients, As there are various kinds of variables involved, however for any sorts of education app development you can get in touch with our experts who will assist you through implementing agile methodologies.


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