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We are here to assist you in revamping your organization’s operational structure through smart supply chain software systems and solutions.


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Data-Driven and Intelligent Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Sustainable solutions

    We integrate modern technologies that maximize your operational efficiency and effectiveness in other management sectors.

  • Agile development

    We establish a constant responsive loop to achieve the reliability factors that help us to become a trusted business partner.

  • Quality in Diversity

    We have a plethora of departments and skilled experts that ensure high standard quality throughout the whole development process.


Fleet Management Application Development

We develop softwares that surrounds your heavy vehicles with safety monitoring softwares ensuring a healthy life. Our solutions improve management capabilities, operating efficiency, and maintain compliance regulations for vehicle centric business models.


Supply Chain Analytical Software Development

We increase visibility, flexibility, and all-inclusive manageability for supply chain sectors with our data-driven highly comprehensive solutions. Our CEP enabled real time analysis helping you to generate reports and hence providing better customer experience to your users.


Asset Tracking Software Development

We value our clients crucial information that builds and necessarily provides the numbers to revamp business models, become productive, and smartly manage their expenses as well as profits. Our time saving cost-effective solutions provide you accurate data to perform smooth business operations.


Logistics Analytics Management Solutions

Our solutions integrate advanced technologies that maintain the flow of management of various logistics’ components. We bring business intelligence that is technology influenced and provides a better managing platform to increase analysis as well as coordinate operation within the organization.


Inventory Management Application Development

Our secure solutions help you to become more systemized and eliminate human errors that could slow down your business operations. We enhance your daily productivity, elevate your capabilities, and fundamentally gather valuable information to make better decisions for your organizational goals


Custom Supply chain Solutions

Our solutions are the conclusions of your vision. The potential we hold, the talents we employ, and the resources we institute can be synergized to enable you in the market of supply chain management. We cater development projects that integrate scalable technology to deliver sustainable solutions.

Our Industry wise



We utilize Advanced organizational programming languages and modern technologies applicable to develop personally tailored solutions.


  • Common Technological Features
  • Advanced Technological Features
Scalable supply chain management solutions that increases visibility and efficiency

We fabricate comprehensive solutions that possess an extensive level of functionality to increase the pace of your every phase in business and attain highest customer satisfaction. Our expertise in developing solutions comes from years of accumulated experience in various industry sectors. The solutions we develop are tailored with modern technologies and adept talents who are dedicated to deliver the optimum output

Pick Reliable Analytics, Pick Our Supply Chain App Development Solutions
Reliable and Quality Development

Quality testing of our developed solutions is carried out by experts who use considerable methods and time-tested technological tools to accomplish the highest quality grade.

Integration of Advance Services

Technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, Big data, Cloud and DevOps are synergized together to deliver the best and contemporarily innovative solutions.

Assured Maintenance and Support

We ensure that our clients don’t face escalations that could ruin their end users’ experience in any way possible. Our technical expertise

Personalized Technological Platforms

We consider providing resources allocation on the basis of our clients requirements and offer assistance to give a better marketplace to their ideas.

4Ds what we do


We understand every design we create holds a unique value and aspires to profitably meet our client’s ideal purpose and business goals.


We fabricate scalable solutions from scratch. Our development experts practice comprehensive research tactics that give us a competitive edge.


We consider every minor as well as major practical and theoretical repercussions to carry out rigorously planned deployment of your solutions and products.


We acknowledge that debugging helps in improving our methodologies, solutions, and products to attain a proficient result that is worth our clients’ time and money.

What Our Clients Say


Ruby L. Evans

They aspire to create and retain customers for the foreseeable future with effective communication and proper resolution of various complex issues. They extend reliable and flexible services to ensure utmost satisfaction as well for their our end clients.

Matt Perper

They’ve been resourceful, transparent and organized with their workflow throughout the whole process. They are highly passionate in their respective field, utilize advanced tools and provide researched backed solutions accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

1. How is Blockchain, Big data, AI/ML helping improve the supply chain industry?

Blockchain has the capability to increase the management and financial efficiency throughout supply chain organizations. Eliminating errors, managing inventory and adequately securing the financial data flow has established secure ecosystems. This the reason it is essential to advance the smart blockchain development for supply chain. Other well-known advantages are enabling organizations with better decision making and resolving supply chain conflicts.

AI and Big Data both are making advancing ripples that have caused many industry sectors to upgrade their working model. One of them is the supply chain industry where one hand AI can provide better preview of all-inclusive information about each and every component of the management, on the other hand big data is able to help organizations perform better and deeper analytics.

2. How long does it take to develop software for the Supply Chain industry?

Each stage of supply chain app development includes different levels of technological and informational exchange which could affect the time of development in a significant way.

3. How much does it cost for developing a CEP incorporated Supply Chain software solution?

Each stage of supply chain application development includes different levels of technological and informational exchange which could affect the cost of development in a significant way.

4. What are the basic differences between logistics and supply chain solutions?

The basic difference between supply chain and logistics affects the development of solutions. Logistics software tends to cover only a small scale of operations and handle the data as well as information related to those particular operations. These operations will include delivery of goods and maintaining a list of items storage. The software that supports these operations are as an example known as logistics software solutions. Supply chain solutions cater organizations’ operations that dive deep into the comprehensive structure of every component functioning in the supply chain sector. Yudiz has expertise in developing both supply chain management solutions and logistics web and mobile applications.

5. What is your developing model, do you include existing softwares or develop a solution from scratch?

We build our supply chain solutions from scratch and provide high quality development standards through robust research and productive management practices.


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