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Game Environment Modeling Services

Designing for player engagement

Game environments that are designed to captivate and mesmerize your users.

  • Immersive
  • Explorable
  • Collaborative
  • Futuristic

Our Services and Solutions

The Game Environment Art & Design Services we provide have highly impacted the output of our clients games and visual projects on a global level.

2D Game Environment Design

2D Game Environment Design

Yudiz has a team of experienced and highly-skilled designers that can conveniently design 2D game environments according to the clients demands and deliver excellence in every detail and characteristics of the game.

3D Environment Design

3D Environment Design

High quality and global standard 3D environment design that satisfy your users intense gaming demands sufficiently. Our experts are constantly breaking the meta to deliver designing brilliance in every project.

2D Casual Environment Design

2D Casual Environment Design

Synergizing their technical prowess and creative potential to unlock new casual 2D environment designing capabilities our modelers are ready to deliver the best results for your project.

3D Realistic Game Environment Design

3D Realistic Game Environment Design

If you want your users to get amazed by the hyper realistic game environment which increases their interest to play more games and explore the game features at multiple levels then Hire game designers from Yudiz!

2D Stylized Environment Design

2D Stylized Environment Design

We understand how a graphically intense gaming environment is the top priority for a successful game project as it sets the tone and clarifies specific nodes which aspire gamers to explore the game features or story.

3D Custom Game Environment Design

3D Custom Game Environment Design

Successfully achieving the best results and fulfilling your game design demands through collaborative approach and technical capabilities that have been gathered through constantly evolving years of experience.

2D Realistic Game Environment Design

2D Realistic Game Environment Design

Attain top-tier design details conveniently our experts have the potential to make your 2D game environment hyper-realistic allowing your users to connect with the game motif on an abstract level.

High Poly Game Environment

High Poly Game Environment

Natural looking environment with polished details of objects, scenes, and backgrounds. Making your game visually entertaining through performance centric graphics designed by skilled modelers at Yudiz.

2D Custom Environment Design

2D Custom Environment Design

We have been in the industry for 14+ years making us one of the most experienced to cater projects for the gaming market. Our custom environment design services help you to convey your idea systematically to your users.

Low Poly Game Environment

Low Poly Game Environment

Composed with sufficient polygons to enable your game with a high performance centric environment. Integrating simplicity with creative superiority to generate a pleasing game environment for your users.

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Artistic Edge Redefined

Feature-Rich game Environment Design

Every design we make follows an advancing set of core principles which helps us to transform the result into something extraordinary.

research planning

Research and Planning

Every game project our experts cater includes adequate research and planning that explore the most proficient designing approach.

state technologies

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Utilizing the best technology allows our designers and modelers to be confident with their expertise and designing practices resulting in brilliant game designs.


Highest Grade Designs

Our core ethos is to provide the very best game environment services to our users and help them achieve highest grade designs to interest users.

High Technical Competency

Collaborative Approach

Our team is a strategic amalgamation of industry experts and fresh young minds determined to deliver excellence with every solution.

Skilled and Qualified Designers

Experienced modeling services

Having more than 14 years of experience in game development and design empower us to grasp the prerequisites of our clients efficiently.


Transparent Process

We follow an agile methodology that includes complete transparency and a feedback loop is established that allow our clients to keep track of theri project progress.

  • 3D Environments for Other Industries

    Being an important part of  the industry has helped us gain experience that we utilize to develop our skills and adapt to modern methodologies quickly. This helps us to deliver the best solutions that can compete at global levels.

  • Video games


  • Fantasy


  • Ed Tech


  • FinTech


  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

  • food and beverages

    Food & Beverages

  • Health Tech

    Social Network

  • social network


  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

  • Hotels and Restaurants

    Hotels and Restaurants

  • Digital Art

    Digital Art

  • Real estate

    Real estate

  • On Demand


Let Your Users Explore Our Artistics Environments

Game environments that will let your users enjoy the game at the fullest. Every detail is made using the boldest imagination led by an out of the box thinking approach. Hire our game environment designers now!


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We are a leading game environment design company providing solutions that help you to transform your users perspective. Hire skilled professionals at Yudiz and you will know the difference. The touch of the best can make your game ideas extraordinary and enable them to stand out in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is game environment design?

Game environment modeling or design is an essential part of game development as it helps to keep the users motivated to explore valuable aspects of the game. It consists of virtual objects, components, backgrounds, and even scenarios that create a unique relatable interest for users. Considering the user perspective a game environment is created that effectively conveys the motif of the game.

2. Who designs the environment in video games?

Environment artists, modelers, and game designers put a lot of work into creating a life-like and realistic world like environment for users. Here are the primary skill that is required to become a game environment designer:

  1. Passionate about games
  2. Technical knowledge through certified training
  3. Industry experience
  4. User perspective and art skills
  5. Proficiency in dedicated software, platform, and framework that are associated.

3. What is the cost when it comes to developing 3D working models for a game project?

The exact cost of 3D animation based models for gaming project can be assessed by listing down the chancarestics of the projet and the requirements. If you have a project idea in your mind and want to elevate that business idea to new heights of 3D digitalization than feel free to talk to our business development team. They are happy to provide you with a valid and detailed assessment of the cost.

4. Which softwares do Yudiz utilize while designing a game environment?

We utilize top notch technologies and designing software to mention a few:

  • Maya
  • Blender
  • 3DsMax
  • Z brush
  • Substance Painter
  • Photoshop
  • Marmoset

5. What is the cost of designing a 3D game environment?

Determining the cost of designing does depend on the project requirements and clients’ demands. There are multiple factors that affect the designing process and likewise numerous aspects that impact the business development process too. We highly recommend you to get in touch with our business executives who will helpfully guide you through cost-efficient processes.

6. What are the stages of designing a game environment?

There are three primary stages when it comes to game environment modeling:

  1. Pre-Production : We draft plans according to the requirements of our clients, collect informative data that may help in later stages, consider the technologies we would be using, the human resources, make clocks and milestones for achieving efficiency with every step we take, and lastly gather original references to accurately match the demands of our clients.
  2. Production : We start designing from scratch, creating life-like virtual objects is not easy. One needs to consider many aspects. Sculpturing something from scratch needs lots of references and the process is quite disciplined. First the 3D modeling takes place, then UV & Texture map design, Consequently we do the lighting and VFX. The art, environment, and every detail should speak to the user, conveying a creative and highly technical message grasping his attention span for prolonged time.
  3. Post-Production : We test the game mechanics with the environment and every process goes through a closed feedback loop including the client. This makes it easy for them to track the progress of the project and understand our working style. Our testing and maintenance team makes sure that we have achieved a flawless result eliminating any sorts of downtime between the production and the delivery of the project.

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