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We are a leading 3D game modeling and designing company in india. Our services and solutions are perfected through our years of experience and knowledge in the field.

3D modeling for Games

3D modeling for Games

Create 3D assets for your game projects by hiring expert 3D modelers who can develop and design life-like 3D digital assets that will keep your gamers gripped.

3D modeling for Heath-Tech

3D modeling for Heath-Tech

Unlocking the full potential of visual representation for health tech firms using our innovative 3D modeling services which highly benefits Health-Tech.

3D modeling for Entertainment Industry

3D modeling for Entertainment Industry

Stepping up the entertainment game through graphically captivating features incorporated with your projects increasing your user-base and making you the next big sensation.

3D modeling for Interior Designing

3D modeling for Interior Designing

Precision guaranteed 3D modeling combining technically enhanced features and assurance of quality we provide the best 3D modeling services for all your interior design projects.

3D modeling for Metaverse

3D modeling for Metaverse

Take innovative steps into the Metaverse with Yudiz. Leverage our designing services to unlock true potential of obj averse and create your unique identity in the digital world.

Custom 3D modeling services

Custom 3D modeling services

Hire expert 3D game designers and modelers from Yudiz to make your distinctive digital 3D footprint allowing you to scale with the future-reddy modern world.

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Our Feature-Rich 3D Game Modeling Solutions

Our solutions have been integrated and incorporated with rich features that elevate their performance. They add the touch of extraordinary value in your art and generate a profitable engagement. We always perform rigorous research methods to unlock modern possibilities for our solutions and the success of our clients.

High Technical Competency

High Technical Competency

Yudiz incorporates research and development wing that studies the market and synchronize it with your 3D modeling demands

Cost-Effective Development

Cost-Effective Development

Our solutions are cost-efficient and cover each global standard characteristics as well as quality effectively.

Solutions with High ROI

Solutions with High ROI

The solutions we develop are highly-scalable for the modern market as we are constantly discovering new market methodologies.

State of the Art Software and Tools

State of the Art Software and Tools

At Yudiz we utilize top-grade technologies and tools that help us to develop solutions that are crafted through innovative features and functionalities.

Skilled and Qualified Designers

Skilled and Qualified Designers

A team of well-trained and expert designers leveraging the best technology design your 3D modeling solutions from scratch allowing you to monetize the art culture.

Hyper-Realistic Quality

Hyper-Realistic Quality

Our solutions are made with significantly emphasizing each and every detail to the point where we are able to design 3D models with hyper-realistic quality.

  • 3D Modeling: Touch of Modern Art

    We provide 3D modeling solutions to various industry niches and segment. We have developed expertise in serving various industry niches through keeping up with the latest market-trends and technologies. Our team has always shared the same vision, a commitment of success for our clients.

  • Film and television

    Film and television

  • Video games

    Video games

  • Animation


  • Advertising


  • Education


  • Fashion


  • toys


  • Brand Campaign

    Brand Campaign

  • Business


  • Healthcare


  • Technology


  • Literature


  • Comics


Give Your Game Ideas An Artistic Touch

Yudiz knows that every detail in the game needs to be captivating to synergize with the user’s energy. Hence we bring you the best 3D game modeling services that will give upliftment to your game ideas.


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Hire at Yudiz and you will know the difference we can make.

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We understand that an out of the box imagination empowered with technical skills can result into the best 3D modeling for games. Precision-based designing and extremely powerful tools we have it all. Yudiz has industry leading experts breathing life into your 3D model ideas. Hire Yudiz, the best 3D game modeling company!

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Objaverse?

The constant AI development practices demand informational data through various mediums and one of the best ways is providing an accurate visual representation of that particular object. These representations are learned by the AI in a digital universe where it comprehends many sets of information, like color, dimensions, space between objects, and much more. Hence obverse is a digital universe made with 3D modeling practices to help AI learn everything in particular.

2. Why is product 3D modeling?

The utilization of software to make 3D models that are based on accurate dimensions for objects which are supposed to be used in the real world is known as product 3D modeling. The benefit is that it gives precision based information for a manufacturer to fabricate a product based on those measurements.

3. What is the cost when it comes to developing 3D working models for a game project?

The exact cost of 3D animation based models for gaming project can be assessed by listing down the characterstics of the project and the requirements. If you have a project idea in your mind and want to elevate that business idea to new heights of 3D digitalization than feel free to talk to our business development team. They are happy to provide you with a valid and detailed assessment of the cost.

4. How is 3D modeling used in game development?

As the modern developments take place, 3D, AR/VR, and Metaverse gaming is imporvaing its functilnalities on multiple level. One of the most impactful resource to make you game immersive and realistic is incorporating 3D modeling. This elevates the user experience by creatine and immersive environment for the user/game.

5. Why is 3D modeling important?

Taking an example of using 3D modeling for games practices used in mobile game development: 

  • It helps to improve user engagement quality.
  • Reduces the time and cost of developing characters and game details.
  • Create an immersive environment for the user to interact with hyper realistic digital objects.

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