AI-Based Face Recognition


- Authentication System


- AI, ML


Project Overview

AI-based Face Recognition is one of the most trending features in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We have designed a model that can uniquely recognize the person by implementing machine learning technology to study the patterns. The system runs with the help of computer vision technology to identify images out of distinctive features or details and predict the human face. The user can input 3 images in a personalized folder. The model processes these images and recognizes it as the Al-based Face ID


Client Background

The US-based client desired to create a Face Recognition system for his company. The system allows the employees to punch in or out of the office with an AI-based Face ID. Moreover, the employees can easily sign in to the company’s dashboard or authenticated sites within seconds. This really helps to secure authorized access with fewer complications. They only required a good image to process the login. Also, it works effectively for security reasons as no one can intrude into the company’s confidential information.

Business Needs

There are various advantages of using the very famous biometric technology of the Face Recognition system. One of the important benefits includes security on operations with seamless and automatic experience. Since it is hard to fool with such security measures, it turns useful to prevent fraud. It also helps to optimize user experience with non-intrusive real-time data capture. They are incredibly useful and solid as per the business approach.


The Challenge

The most common challenges of developing AI-based Face recognition is data quality and case-specific machine learning of models. AI is a continuously upgrading field of technology and at times it becomes necessary to keep pace along with evolving trends. Moreover, implementing the Al system is a complicated process as it is to ensure a bug-free integration. It is challenging to configure a dataset for this technology to spot the identity out of a plethora of images.

Our Solution

As a team of Artificial Intelligence developers, we work by measuring nodal points on various face prints. Our team of AI developers processes a substantial amount of data to create machine learning algorithms. The algorithms like CNN and HOG are employed to run a script for the machine learning model to learn about the input images. When the model is prepared, it can uniquely distinguish a particular person and this works for identification.

Some of the other remarkable uses of this AI-based system are:

  • You can use AI face recognition to unlock doors, ensure authorized access to the applications, or log in purpose.
  • The AI-based recognition are trendy for mobile devices.
  • It can recognize any person using real-time detection feature.
  • It has secured its place in our day to day life due to its fast, accurate, and automated approach to security operations.
  • It allows smart surveillance in various industry verticals.

Key Outcomes

  • AI Face recognition is an anonymous and highly authorized technique to practice security measures.
  • It runs a specific task based on computer vision with utmost precision to trace the subject.
  • The system implements a smart solution to make use of collected data and process it.
  • It provides security towards database records and ensures particular authentication.