Future of Wearable Technology: Beyond Watches & Glasses

Tech gadgets are increasingly showing a trend of shaping themselves into our regular wearable. Whether it a smart belt that takes kinetic energy from the movement of our pants or smart watch that besides showing time performs a lot of tasks, wearable technology is going to be the force in making gadgets interact with our life and livelihood. Still now optically mounted wearable computer like Google Glass or Smart watches are used by a handful of enthusiast and tech wizards but saying that the increasing popularity of these wearable devices cannot be undermined. When more manufacturers will appear making them more available, feature rich and affordable it would find larger admirers and eventually an array of these gadgets will storm the market making many devices and technology backdated enough. Just think of the huge boom in smartphone and handheld computing devices within few years and if we are not terribly mistaken the same is going to happen with wearable devices as well.

What is wearable technology?

When clothing, accessories and fashionable wear incorporate electronic technology they are designated as wearable technology. For instance a pair of wearable looking glass offering computer functions and digital display is a fine example of wearable technology. Google Glass, an optically mounted computer which can be worn like a pair of glass is the practical example of such gadgets. Smartwatches working as an extension of mobile phones, smart wrist bands offering digital information on fitness and health, fabric that produces kinetic energy, are few instances of wearable technology.

Glasses and watches are just the beginning

If you think about latest range of wearable devices that hit the popularity you will definitely name smartwatches and smart wearable glasses. But they are just the beginning of a long list of wearable tech devices that are going to unfold gradually changing the way we interact with and use technology in real life situations. Already smart charging from the kinetic energy of body movement is going to be the next big thing for the mobile companies to put a portion of their R&D budget. Similarly solar charging laptop backpack, earphones cum zipper of hood, fitness bands, smart training shoes with fitness data sharing capability and so on and so forth keep coming and will continue to come.

Health & Fitness bands will continue to be the king

As wearable technology is increasingly becoming commonplace and popular, fitness and health data sharing is enjoying prime focus thanks to an array of digitally optimized smart wearable wrist bands that are also being dubbed as fitness bands. Typically a standard fitness band provides you a range of fitness and health data concerning your calorie expenditure, pulse rate, heartbeat, running speed, sleep quality, anxiety level, blood pressure etc. Considering the hectic lifestyle and corresponding health disorders and fitness challenge in everyday life definitely these products will continue to grow in popularity and will continue to become more feature rich.

The future of wearable technology may be luxury fashion

As the trend shows wearable technology and smart fabric is increasingly being the part of luxury fashion wears for both men and women. Style and beauty aspects in wearable gadgets are going to be decisive factors for the buyers as difference in feature set will not be big enough. Smart nano processor in garments fabric will open door to wide array of tech maneuvers including using kinetic energy from body heat, offering digital display, etc. Already cufflinks and necklaces with USB storage and wallet with biometric access and Bluetooth have come as fashionable wears and the trend will continue to grow.

The field of tech wear is wide open

Some of the market leaders in wearable devices started their journey in less than two years and there are players who shifted focus to tech wears very recently and came out as big success stories. Pebble watch, Fitbit, iWallet, are just few of them who played instrumental role in expanding the wearable technology market with breakthrough devices. With these success stories it became clear that any breakthrough innovation and design can give birth to new winning brands and thus expand the domain of wearable devices.

Ketan Parmar

Ketan Parmar

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