How All New Apple Watch can be Your Personal Fitness Trainer?

There are a number of innovative health devices from a number of brands in the market nowadays but as far as the health and fitness tracking in mobile devices is concerned Apple is the biggest brand to come forward with its coolest devices. Apple comes with an amazing smartwatch that provides a quick and easy way to read notifications directly from the phone and also allows the user to make different purchases as well. The watch allows the user to track his or her daily activity and this is one of the coolest wearable from Apple so far.

Fitness is not just about running or doing a workout every day, it is much more than this. Fitness in today’s world is staying active throughout the day. The watch will give you all the ways that will make you track your moving steps whenever you play with your dog or kids and even when you go through the stairs. It is just amazing to keep track of your day to day activity. The watch will encourage you to keep moving and stay fit. Everything adds up and can be counted in order to track the moves. It provides a new and innovative way to manage the user’s health.

An Apple watch is not a solo device; it needs some help from your iPhone. It works with 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6Plus iPhone versions. It comes with three different tracking models.

Get some exercise with the Activity app rings

The Activity app has three rings for different moves that are visible on the watch:

  • Move – This will track the amount of calories burnt

  • Exercise – This will help the user track the amount of brisk activity completed

  • Stand – Whenever the user stands after a long sitting, it will show an indication on the watch

This app tells the user to complete each ring everyday in order to stay healthy. Let’s get more details about these rings.

Stand Ring – Give some moves to your body

Apple watch senses your standing and sitting time. It will help you track all your sedentary time throughout the day. If the person is sitting for an hour or more, the watch will give an indication to stand up and walk. This is a great reminder to stay healthy in a day. If the person moves for about a minute at different times in a day, then it makes the stand ring to complete one round. The ring will keep you motivated and active throughout the day.

Exercise Ring – A dedicated workout

Exercise is any activity that is done spending more energy than a certain level like a brisk walk. Apple watch will help you track your activity in a day. The exercise ring is completed when the daily goal of about 30 minutes is finished.

Move Ring – Complete your move goals

There is a move goal every week for the user in order to track the amount of calories burn each day. The move ring will complete one round whenever the user finishes the daily calorie burn goal. This is the coolest way to burn down those extra calories from your body. The goal can be customized accordingly until it is perfect for you. Small improvements in your goals will definitely keep you healthy and motivated as well.

Workout App – a detailed view of your workouts

There is a workout app in the Apple watch that shows the real time statistics of all your workouts. The metrics used for the stats include elapsed time, speed for running and cycling, calories, etc.

The best thing about the watch is that it is water resistant. It will not stop the user to do hard workouts that makes him or her sweat. There are a number of workouts available in the watch and the user can choose according to his or her choice. After choosing the workout, the user can turn on the appropriate sensor so that the watch will be active to start tracking the workout.

The watch also provides the user with timely updates that will keep encouraging the user to do more workouts. This encouragement will keep the user motivated to reach the target.

After finishing the workout, a detailed summary is provided to the user that how far, the user has gone and in how much time and how many calories are burned during the last workout. This will make the user to set new goals and complete new milestones.

Sensors to track the activity

There are different sensors on the watch that measure all the moves of the user.

  1. Heart rate sensor

The sensor will measure the heart rate during the workout. This will help determine the level of intensity during the workout and also allows improving it.

  1. Accelerometer

This sensor will measure the user’s movement and steps throughout the day. This tracks all kinds of physical movements of the user in a day.

Apple watch connectivity

The watch uses Wi-Fi and GPS from the iPhone of the user. This will help the watch to accurately determine the physical movements or the location of the user in order to give proper summary results.

Is Apple Watch a true fitness tracker?

The developers of the Apple watch state that whosoever uses this watch will stay healthy and active. Staying active will keep the person healthy. This is a traditional saying and the watch developers have made this true.

The user will get an entire health stats dashboard right on the wrist. It will track all the data related to your walk, run or sleep.

This is also true that in order to keep any wearable device working, the user need to keep doing something. The user has to recharge it frequently and also need to wear it continuously.

For new users, the excitement of wearing a watch fades away after sometime and they come to their old routine. And the people who are using the watch over a long time are actually fitness enthusiasts and they do not need any luxury device to stay healthy.

No doubt, Apple watch has taken the health and fitness behavior to new levels, but it totally depends on the habits of the user that how well the user is able to use the device.


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