Tired of slow website? Here are some points to keep in mind

In today’s sci-fi world it is very important to get in line with the program. When I say “the program” I mean the latest technology. Who loves slow websites? Of course no-one, In fact if the page does not open up, people would immediately jump to the next page. A slower web page would act as a bigger disadvantage for your business. Also speed is a major factor as far as web ranking is concerned.

There are several points which make the website slower and incredibly difficult to work with. With a slower website, you will piss off the reader as well as the search engine. What causes this problem? Let’s discuss it out briefly –

HTTP Requests:

Whenever you load a photograph on your website, it creates an http link for the same. More the number of photographs more would be the number of requests for the site. A higher number of HTTP request would make the site work slow. Almost each and every site has dozens of pictures these days making the site completely slow. The time to open the site would be the total time combined to open up all the images. This would indeed be much larger than opening the web page itself.

There’s a solution to it. One needs to compress all the images and then upload it. Using CSS sprite, one can combine all the images and compress it as it would save a lot more time for opening the web page. This way the communication that takes place between the visitor’s browser and the main site server woul reduce and the site would open fast.

Image optimization:

While the site is optimized, people tend to forget the importance of optimizing the images used on the website. A site without images looks dull and there’s no point of removing the images to increase the speed of the site. Pictures make site slow and whenever you add a picture, it makes the site slow. Optimize the image and the chances of slowing down the site would decrease. Also try and use smaller file sizes wherever you can, bigger the image, more the time it requires to open. Lesser bandwidth would help the site open faster. Most of the webmasters forget to optimize the images and just continue with optimizing the site. There is a site management tool available for this with the help of which the images can be resized. Imageoptimizer.net is one tool to resize this image.

CDN and its benefits:

Content delivery networks play a very important role in running the site faster. When a site has large number of images it often tends out to become slower compared to others. By submitting the pages of your site to CDN, several copies would be created and would be stored on different servers in different countries. Whenever a person tries to open the site, a cached copy is fetched from the nearby server and with its help the site opens up within seconds. It would serve people well without any delay of opening up.

E.g. If the SITE is of US and is not saved up with CDN then someone opening it from Germany would have to wait for few minutes as the site would take time to open up. On the contrary if the same site is registered with CDN a cached copy would be created of a place nearby Germany or Germany itself and the site would open up within seconds.


Plugins are equally responsible to slow down the sites, lesser the number of plugins, faster the site would be. Unnecessary usage of plugins should be avoided. Use it only when required instead on unnecessarily using it everywhere.

Hot Links and External Links

Embedding images is often easier and most of the webmasters follows it. But doing so can make the site run slowly and open slow. A site with a hot linked image would need a permission from the server to open up and the whole process is time consuming. If you think you can host images on other servers even that is helpless. The site when visited by a client would need permission to open up the image and also it violates the copyright law. Still this method is performed by many and it results in blocking of the image as a large number of people may be accessing the server where your image is located. Also another possibility is of the server being down. Many a time sit happens that the server where the image is placed is down and due to it the working of your site is slowed down.

Whatever may be the reason, it would contribute towards slower working of your website.

Keeping all this points in mind one can definitely improvise the working of the website.


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

Mr. Chirag Leuva is the working director of the company and takes care of business development activity, marketing initiatives, and client relationship. His enthusiasm towards helping start-ups to reach heights of success is noteworthy. He started taking initiative to expand the business since 2009. His passion involves public speaking and creating effective business strategies. As a logical and intuitive person, he works toward achieving business objectives efficiently.
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