Top 5 Apps of 2014 That You Haven’t Heard Of

There are chances, that your phone is already loaded with favorites like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and “Angry Birds,” but there’s a wealth of exciting software to be found when you dig a bit deeper. The App Store is loaded with gems that will upgrade your iPhone for free or just a few bucks, whether you want to turn your handset into an intuitive filing assistant or a powerful camera. Here are the top 5 apps that we suggest every individual can have on their smartphone.



Iconical is the first on our list of the top 5 apps. Ever wished that your phone could be customised only for you? If you dared to thought so, then Iconical is the app you should get today. Iconical is an iPhone only app, available at $1.99 on the AppStore. There is a high possibility with the fame of this app that we will soon see this app for Android smartphones too. Iconical allows you to create custom app icons for all your apps, in turn providing a home screen which looks just like you want it to be. The neatest feature of Iconical is the ability to make home-screen shortcuts for your app so that you can directly poke a person, direct message your employee or email your subscriber with just a single tap on the screen.

Dark Sky


The best apps of the year must feature a weather app and you can’t have an app better than the Dark Sky. You must have heard about the state of the art weather forecasting methods that different weather forecasting apps use but most of the apps provide an hourly round up, Dark Sky takes it to another level by providing minute by minute weather predictions which can help you at crucial times. The app shows a real time radar emission to depict exactly where the storm is and also send a push notification in case of rain at your location. The makers of Dark Sky have added some new features for iOS8, including extended 24 hour,7-day forecasts and global maps. This app is available at a meagre price of $3.99 on the App Store.


dayre app

Dayre is the first free app in this list of top apps of the year and you just need to get this app and start believing us when we say it is a genuinely awesome app. If you are a person who loves Tumblr, loves blogging, religiously maintain a diary, selfye addict and a compulsive photographer then Dayre is the app you should instantly get. With this app, you can record snippets of your routine by taking a photo, video or an audio clip or note down some points and publish it to a site made just for you by Dayre, which also gives a personal URL so that your friends can follow your activities. There are many built-in stickers and variety of themes which makes blogging simple, yet fun.



There were times when iOS keyboards where the most stylish keyboards there were, but the team at Apple have now allowed third party keyboard apps to take the charge(Pun intended). If you are tired of your old qwerty keyboard, the Fleksy will not only add a vibe of freshness and a new look to your keyboard, it will even help you type faster too. Along with swipe typing and those sleek gesture shortcuts to add special characters, the deck of the app is resizable to provide you more real estate. It provides auto correction and word prediction too, the app will get used to your typing and provide word suggestions which is quite smart.



Just suppose how frustrated you will be, if you are travelling to a foreign country like France and know nothing about their culture and language, so you can’t speak to the locals or understand what’s written on a restaurant’s menu, on the bus station or any other place which doesn’t have english language. CamDictionary allows you to translate in upto sixteen languages by simply hovering your phone’s camera on the text. There is even enough support for text to speech translation and it comes with multiple Collins dictionaries so you can practice Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian and more. CamDictionary is available for download at $4.99 on the AppStore and they even provide a free trial version. How convenient?

These are some of the best apps of the year which you might not have heard of, but believe us you need to know about these apps because these apps require your love and attention. In case, we missed out some of the apps which you think deserves.

Ketan Parmar

Ketan Parmar

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