AWS: 11 Wickets


- Fantasy Sports


- AWS, Angular.js, Node.js, Laravel, MySql


Company Background
- Game Development Company.

Project Overview

11Wickets Fantasy Sports platform with a growing user base of over 3 million. 11Wickets take you to a world of fantasy sports where your knowledge about sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, or kabaddi offers you to win cash daily. To play on 11Wickets, users create a virtual team of real players, who score points based on their real-life performance in the matches.


Client Background

The India based client has the vision to create the most trusted Fantasy sports platform 11 Wickets, owned by Ability Games Pvt. Ltd. As the Indian audience is a big fan of cricket, the client wanted to create a platform where the user can form an imaginary team and earn real cash based on players. With the help of 11 Wickets, it engages millions of users to test their sporting knowledge and engage in a variety of online gaming sports.

Business Needs

Fantasy games need no introduction in the growing digital era. Amid the growing popularity, Fantasy sports applications have made their market place in the industry. In India, Fantasy Sports seek a massive user base of millions and is likely to turn profitable business in the near time. The client understands the easy availability of affordable smartphones, high-speed internet, and falling data prices drive the market of fantasy games in India. It has become the second screen of engagement that allows the user to participate in the game beyond watching it.


The Challenge

11Wickets needed to be able to scale to support hundreds of thousands of connections on Matchdays. We need to have enough computing power to give all our users a great experience.

Uptime is critical for the Fantasy sports platform, especially in the last few minutes leading up to a game when contestants are making game-time conclusions.
We wanted to address these business needs cost-effectively.

Our Solution

We want to meet its needs for high availability, scalability, and development agility. We decided to move to the cloud.

11Wickets uses AWS RDS, which gives the company the ability to quickly set up, operate, and scale Database deployment in the cloud with high availability. AWS Elasticache also helps us to manage the low latencies and manage in-memory workloads.

11Wickets uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and takes advantage of Auto Scaling in AWS, which enables the company to scale its EC2 capacity up or down automatically depending on conditions and helps to handle spiky natured traffic.

For the faster release of our new upgrades, we use AWS Developers Tools like CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline.

We highly depend on AWS Elasticsearch for our constant logs analysis and fraud detections. For Security, we use AWS WAF to handle bad traffic.


Key Outcomes

11Wickets availability has been great since we moved to AWS. We have consistent performance, even under high traffic loads, so our users know they can always rely on the site being available on Match day.