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OTT application development

Our Aim

Building the Best OTT Apps

Your users might face numerous difficulties while accessing entertainment platforms through traditional means. Our OTT developers focus on eliminating those frictions and enhance streaming experience by leveraging top-notch technologies.

OTT platform development

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OTT app development

Key Features

Binge Watching Just Got Better!

Our innovative OTT platform development process allows us to incorporate amazing sets of features for your users.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

    The OTT applications we develop can easily sync their data across various devices. It becomes one-stop to easily access entertainment for your users.

    cross platform
  • Intuitive UI/UX

    Complementing the content of the platform our OTT app developer and designer make sure the UI/UX is an impactful factor elevating users’ experience.

    intuitive ui ux
  • Monetization Flexibility

    From a transparent and user-centric subscription model with curated in-ad support we provide exceptional monetization flexibility in the OTT apps.

    monetization flexibility
  • Integration Capabilities

    For scaling the app according to future demands and countering challenges it needs third-party service as well as tech integration capabilities.

    integration capabilities
  • AI-Driven Personalization

    From AI empowered recommendations on users side to analyzing users’ preferences on dashboard side our OTT apps cover wide aspects with the help of AI.

  • HQ Streaming Capabilities

    The technological infrastructure we utilize to develop OTT solutions and support HQ streaming capabilities for best viewing experience.

    hq streaming


Core Technical Infrastructure

The tech-stack we utilize empower us to offer cost-efficient and streamlined OTT platform development services to our clients.

Revamp Entertainment

Secure content distribution, scaling features, and smart UI/UX for your users. Find every solution for the OTT domain.

Building Solutions

Delivering Excellence

The OTT platform solutions Yudiz builds are a result of our core ethics. The strategies we employ enable us to become a tech partner in your success.



A foundational pillar for progress, it has helped us to build custom OTT apps for our clients.



We follow a transparent process making it easy for our clients to track their project development.



A simple yet highly impactful approach for building market ready solutions without any congestion.

Why Partner with Yudiz?

We Synergize Top-Tech for Your OTT Apps

Yudiz is a leading OTT platform app development company fabricating solutions that redefine entertainment and viewing experience.

  • list ic14+ Years of Experience
  • list icSecure and Scalable Features
  • list icUser-centric Design
  • list icContinuous Support & Advancements
ott app development company


Our Ready-to-Deploy Solution

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Rise to the Top

Hire Yudiz, an expert OTT app development company and get your own OTT app solutions developed with AI in just 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an OTT streaming platform? What does it offer?

OTT stands for Over-the-top. If you too feel troubled by intermediaries like cables, broadcasters, and traditional cable operators as well as networks OTT is the solution for you. It allows you to stream your favorite entertainment media online through cloud technology. A streaming platform refers to the web app or a mobile app that allows you to consume content. It’s a revolution for someone who is into the entertainment and content creation business. They can quickly consider employing an OTT application development company and serve their user base effectively.

2. How does an OTT app work?

The core fundamental parts of an OTT app are : Content, CDN, UI/UX, Monetization, User management and analytics, Support and maintenance, and lastly security.

We know the words are quite complex to understand let alone their role in making OTT work. So we will take the easy way.


An OTT lets you watch your favorite tv shows and movies without the need of a content cable.


Pre-prepared content is stored in cloud servers, which can be accessed by a content distribution network.

Users will make requests for viewing their favorite content. These requests are sended to CDN and the stored content will be delivered to users’ screen in no time.

So in layman language an OTT app acts like a bridge between users and CDNS. Users have to pay a minimal fee or subscribe to a model that monetizes the OTT app.


Focus on the complex words and the easy process we mentioned. It highlights the OTT app development process experts usually follow.

3. How much does It cost to develop an OTT app in India?

The right cost varies according to the project scope and layers of complexity involved. However, custom OTT development can range from anywhere near $20,000 to $100,000+.

4. What are the top business models for an OTT app? How can you make money from an OTT app?

By employing efficient business models in their OTT app one can generate good ROI. Here are the various business models one can employ.

  • Subscription Video on Demand
  • Advertisement based Video on Demand
  • Transactional Video on Demand
  • Hybrid Models
  • Freemium Models

Considering to utilize any of such models to make money do hire an experienced OTT platform app development company. They expertise in technology and the right resources.

5. What is the difference between an OTT app and a regular streaming app?

An OTT app is a substitute for TV networks, for distributing their content via the internet. While in a regular streaming app, you can (live) stream any content created.

6. How much time does it take to develop a custom OTT app?

Every OTT app has various complexity levels. Here the layers are defined by clients, hence the OTT platform app development process is also drafted on the basis of client expectations.

7. Why is Yudiz the best OTT app development company?

Yudiz has 14+ years of experience in developing tech empowered solutions. But their unique abilities lie in providing pre-built OTT app solutions. They tap into the power of AI to customize the solution that has already been designed, developed, and tested. All you need to do is state your requirements and they will customize the solution according to your demand. It will be ready in just 3 days and can be deployed in the market effectively. Yudiz also offers post-launch support and maintenance for making sure the app is running smoothly across various devices.