- Casino Game


- Unity,, Amazon Web Services, Node.js, MongoDB


Project Overview

This project is about the development and implementation of Blackjack online casino game meant for smartphones that allowed for custom player rules and private tables too.


Client Background

The client is based in USA with a strong background in the casino business. They wanted to develop online casino games for the smartphones that could mirror physical casino gaming activity for gamers worldwide.

Business Needs

The client required a blackjack casino game to be developed for both iOS and Android that enabled the ability for two or more players to play. He also wanted to create online clubs that host private tables with custom rules, enabled with social media integration


The Challenge

The game was supposed to host hundreds or even thousands of online gamers on the same platform without any lag. This increased complexity since the game needed a scalable platform for continued uptime.

Additionally, the game was expected to host chats with smiley support between online players for continuous interaction during the game. The game also required to host simultaneous server space to host hundreds of interactions at a given point of time. Custom clubs and custom rules meant that one could tweak the rules of Blackjack too. This added complexity to the implementation process itself with several elements aligned with user requests.

Our Solution

Yudiz created an interactive blackjack game for mobile gamers for both iOS and Android. This game allows users to play the famous blackjack game with all its craziness.

The mobile game facilitates players to play Blackjack with the standard 52-card deck, with each denomination assigned point values. The cards 2 through 10 are worth face value. Kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10 points, while aces could be either 1 or 11. The objective here is to draw cards closer to 21, without going over the numbers totalled in the dealer’s cards.

The best total here is two-card 21, or popularly known the blackjack. If the dealer manages the same, you get the original bet back. Else, you win the round!

The mobile game facilitates custom clubs with friends and custom tables with proper tracking of all winnings of every week. You can make several variations of different kinds of tables with personalized settings without hassle. Choose the bets or challenges for each game too! You can play against the global community too and check out profiles, send emojis to anyone you wish to.

Note: The blackjack game was intended for an adult audience and does not involve real money in gameplay or prizes. The makers ensure that no amount of practice in this mobile game can guarantee success at real-money gambling.


Key Outcomes

  • The game allowed custom tables, custom rules for blackjack games too.
  • Play with friends and make a custom game whenever possible without the hassle.
  • One can upload their your own avatar for the games.
  • One can easily communicate with text or emojis to opponents across the table.
  • Track success and winnings with profile stats and weekly reports.