Blockchain based ticketing system


- Security and Protocol


- Wordpress


Project Overview

Trading digital assets around the web have always been a cause of concern due to reasons like frauds and lack of transparency. This decentralized Blockchain platform creates a secure protocol that allows users to create digital assets over a set of rules and trade them while keeping them completely secure and enhancing privacy.


Client Background

The client based in the UK started out some years ago and now powers many ticketing systems

Business Needs

This client saw the underlying shortcomings of the public Blockchains available and how lack of control made trading digital assets so worrisome. The client came up with a solution that enables the user to track every transaction and make informed decisions. The purpose of this website is to educate its customers and make a positive change.


The Challenge

Having a strong technical background, the client had provided us with designs and a clear idea of how the website should turn out. The challenge was to stand up to the expectation and replicate it. Not only did the client specify the designs but also was very particular about the website’s mobile responsive view. Some sections of the website were designed differently depending on the device the user is browsing on to deliver a better user experience.


Also, the backend was designed in such a way that the client is in the full authorization of the documents uploaded on the website and can even customize it according to their choice.

Our Solution

Our team of expert WordPress developers has stood up to the expectations of the client wherein sections of the website were coded differently to give attractive layouts on desktop and on mobile devices. The plugins that were used are Visual Composer and Advance Custom field (ACF). Visual Composer is used for editing content, making it easier for the client to update content on the website without altering the code. ACF meets the shortcomings of the Visual Composer.

Some salient features of this website are:

  • It clearly states how the client’s service makes trade easy for its customers through a clear user interface
  • A deeper understanding of the service offered and its layers through flowcharts
  • The user can explore and know more about each transaction made its details
  • Users can communicate directly with the owner of a particular transaction to ensure transparency
  • The client can upload documents to the website and customize them to their customer’s need
  • Video sections and blogs to help customers expand their knowledge about the business

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