- Crypto Trading


- Angular, Node, MongoDB, Redis


Company Background
- Product Based Company.

Project Overview

Crypto Tradz ensures the safest way to buy or sell bitcoin and trade across multiple crypto markets. It is a platform that offers features for trading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. The payment gateway supports multiple methods like a credit card, debit card, and another authorized wallet. The registered user is provided with free wallets with multiple addresses. The live chat system for traders helps in carrying out conversation before closing the trading deal. If the user has a dispute, the admin will involve in the chat to resolve it or assign it to the sub-admin in the console.


Client Background

The client has the vision to develop a platform that makes the best way to access the global crypto trading industry of the future. He believes in the upcoming paradigm shift that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are bringing to the global financial markets. The client desired to build a hotspot that ensures secure and comfortable access to the financial markets for the worldwide audience. The idea behind crafting the website is to draw the audience towards investing assets and multiplying the capital with the best offers and conditions of the international market.

Business Needs

The process of invest and exchange is ongoing in the finance industry. The advanced technologies and algorithms contribute to the crypto trading process to drive your capital investment. This financial model gain profit from the transactions or exchange made between the registered users. The fundamental of the project is happening of ‘crowdsales’ making it a massive platform to generate passive income. The biggest exchange in the crypto-markets takes place through the company’s servers with the help of a secured network and private database.


The Challenge

Cryptocurrencies make money by adopting appropriate knowledge of mining coins to make a passive income. It is important to identify and analyze the trends of crypto trading markets to ensure a recurring gain in the industry. The website includes challenges at different stages of development such as security, smooth transactions, and live chat support system. It is a sector where major projects are involved in building their user base and focusing on promoting their product in the crypto-markets.

Our Solution

Our work in the web project includes advanced technologies and algorithm logic to run the online trading process of the company. Every Cryptocurrency transactions made by the registered users are recorded on the blockchain, making way for a decentralized value exchange system. The entire process performed from start to end is maintained confidential across the network. CryptoTradz offers a seamless environment to make a digital asset revolution coupled to suit your needs. We have implemented while label solutions to save crucial time and high-cost on transactions.

Some of the outstanding website features are as below:

  • We have designed a cost-effective platform right from scratch.
  • Showcase a high-level of competition among different crypto exchange websites in terms of customer support, security, and scalability.
  • The powerful investor dashboard of the website is inclusive of wallet services.
  • The negotiations between parties are made under complete privacy and no third-party interference.
  • It offers crypto trading opportunities with a two-way authentication method.

Key Outcomes

  • Get access to advanced crypto trading functionalities and features through the personalized wallet system.
  • Crypto Trading and Exchange platforms do not have any infrastructure, unlike traditional trading exchanges.
  • A wide community of users takes advantage of crypto-trends to influence the economic world.
  • It is paving a way towards an exceptional digital asset solution and trading them.