Facebook Food Order


- Online Food & Delivery System


- AI, ML


Project Overview

The food ordering chatbot guides you entirely on browsing food, adding or removing dishes in the cart, ordering online, or seeking technical support.

The user can check out available cuisines from the menu. The project follows the new trend of food order and delivery with the help of a personal assistant — Chatbot. The entire process from browsing to adding delivery address and checkout happens through the Facebook Messenger chatbot. The bot places quick orders and levels up the customer experience. Thereafter the bot will handle the order details and offers available on food items.


Client Background

The UK based client wanted to create a food ordering platform with the help of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The vision behind the requirement was to simplify the online food ordering and derive a personalized experience for the user by implementing an interactive chatbot. The client understands that it is the next big thing to excite customer relationships by delivering automated services right within a click. All of these are possible with upgrading trends of Machine Learning models.

Business Needs

The Chatbots are more interactive in the form of personal assistance to guide through online food orders. It is one of the most remarkable benefits of employing bots. The Messenger bots can be customized as per the scope of the restaurant and customer needs. The rapid processing of orders and personal attention through bots connect the customer and boost conversion rates. The chatbot services emphasize the brand image to bring more and more business.


The Challenge

Chatbots are programmed to answer customer queries and perform dynamic functions to build a customer’s interest. As they are based on the technical scenarios, it becomes necessary to prepare the machine learning models with the utmost accuracy. The chatbots use the database service to optimize customer solutions which means creating well-informed bots. Our aim is to make the bots smarter with a period of time compared to the manual service agents.

Our Solution

Our team of certified professionals has created chatbots with great machine learning capabilities and API integration. The food chatbots on popular messaging platforms like Facebook messenger simulate customer interaction by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing technologies. It essentially promotes the brand by initiating messages by adapting human nuances.

Some of the other notable features of this chatbot are:

  • The Messenger bot take online food orders from customers.
  • It facilitates sales and provides technical support.
  • It works as a user guide through food catalog.
  • The food chatbots send live alerts about offers and promotion.
  • It can respond to various FAQs that coordinate to ordering food.

Key Outcomes

  • The food chatbots are more relevant to use as they are effortless for customers.
  • Ordering food from the favorite social media platform can be more fun to users.
  • Chatbot services help the business to scale high and generate more revenue.
  • It can effectively showcase the USP of your organization.