Facebook HR Recruitment


- Human Resources


- AI, ML


Project Overview

The Facebook Messenger chatbot is essentially developed to streamline and smoothen the HR recruiting process, carry out automated responses for common questions, provide the basic information related to the company policies and more. This chatbot works as a virtual assistant to automate the tedious HR administration and hiring of new employees. Including administration, the chatbot extracts necessary information from the visitor and reduces the burden of mundane tasks for the Human Resource department.


Client Background

The client belongs to a US Tech company with a considerable number of employees. He wanted to create a solution for the HR department on various solutions for the hiring and administration process. The broad idea of the client behind the project is to provide a personalized experience to every person looking for a career objective in the company, to deliver an instant response to each query. It was truly achieved by our eminent AI/ML developers.

Business Needs

Due to the emerging usage of a chat application, businesses think of utilizing it as an opportunity to serve more audiences at the same time. These chatbots full-fill the communication gap between the organization and the visitor. Moreover, a lot of time is saved using recruitment Chatbots that work as self-serving channels along with great engagement facilities for potential employees who show interest in working for the company. They are not only limited to the HR industry but also in different industry verticals like customer service, banking, healthcare, and more.


The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in designing chatbots is to let the bot understand human responses. For this, it is necessary to keep in mind the aspects of natural language processing by humans such as misspellings, short forms, slang words, and so on. Moreover, it is essential to recognize the human intent for the bot to continue the conversation. The bot models are well-trained to initialize logs of conversations and map the intent. We are continuing to evolve the chatbot to keep pace with the upgrading Natural Language Processing models.

Our Solution

Our excellent team of chatbot developers has structured the bots in a predefined sequential manner to convert into a language for the user to understand. The HR chatbot solution holds the user’s attention with deep conversations in order to be successful in delivering a better experience. We have run the chatbots to outrage automation and tested its accuracy to manage humanly conversations rather than a technical nature.

Some of the other noticeable features of this chatbot are:

  • Our focus behind developing the HR messenger chatbot is to cut down unnecessary cost on Human Resources.
  • The chatbot functions to ensure improved customer engagement.
  • The chatbot service is equally efficient to manual services of hiring and administration in the Human Resource Department.
  • The chatbot can ask questions out of predefined options to understand the actual intent of the visitor.
  • It is an affordable solution for companies that streamline the hiring process.

Key Outcomes

  • The HR department can remain in continuous touch with visitors without human intervention.
  • Generate verified and instant answers to new visitors.
  • It opens up interactive possibilities with a value-driven approach to all the queries raised .
  • The chatbots leverage the personalized assistance experience to each query.