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Project Overview

It is an ideal fitness app consisting of a range of workouts designed especially for people who dream of that perfect body but lack the time required to hit the gym. With training videos, customized workouts, a step counter, and a calorie calculator, this application is a package for anyone looking to start or make advancements in their fitness journey.


Client Background

Our client from the UK is a renowned fitness instructor who wishes to make fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness levels.

Business Needs

The client understands that with lifestyles getting busier and personal trainers getting costlier, many people tend to avoid going to the gym, therefore, missing out on their fitness routine every day. This fitness application intends to act as a personal trainer for its user imparting the right knowledge and techniques required to execute a workout without any injury.


The Challenge

Frequent changes were made during the designing phase to accommodate the needs of the client. Since we were provided with the separate audio and video files to be included in the app, our team faced difficulties in creating a sync between them. Also, our client understood the importance of music while doing workouts hence asked us to integrate music platforms like Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify, etc. into the application. Having voice modulation for the audio with music in the background was a big challenge for our Android developers.

Our Solution

The android and ios application was designed with the programming languages Kotlin and Swift respectively. Our software development team was able to perfectly synchronize the voice-over with the given video which will provide knowledge to the users about the correct posture of every exercise. Moreover, media management between music platforms and the workout videos was handled effectively as we used their Beta versions for the applications.

The user can input details like their gender, fitness goals, preferred time duration, and place of workout into the application and enjoy a variety of exercises ranging from full body to muscle targeted workouts. Interactive videos keep them motivated and help them avoid injuries in the long run. Also, features like calories and step counter integrated into the application make it the perfect app for all fitness lovers.


Key Outcomes

  • Created a platform that brings experienced fitness trainers to the user’s mobile devices.
  • Streaming videos for the users to access them whenever they want.
  • The use of music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. allows users to enjoy their favorite songs while exercising.
  • From warmups to the finisher, all included in the application.
  • Periodic fitness tests and progress records to keep users motivated and focused toward their goal.