Fresh Waste Management


- Support System


- Laravel, MySql


Company Background
- Waste Management Company.

Project Overview

The website Fresh Waste Management is a support model to keep a track of tickets raised by customers. Once the ticket is issued, it gets assigned to the admin department. It serves the features of an independent customer support system for a particular organization and updates the status of any dispute raised by the consumer. It includes any disputes such as online transactions, conversations, refunds, returns and delivery of the order. The admin can auto-assign it or manually bring the solution to the dispute. The website mainly operates for various enterprises that involve quick solutions or responses for their customers. The customer can check upon the ticket status in the email.


Client Background

The UK based client wanted to develop an individual customer support model that is authorized and run by an admin. The client requirements include rendering customer-centric responses towards the dispute, creating tickets for a customer, updating the ticket status to the customer through email. As customer support is the backbone of your organization and will assist you to a competitive advantage, it is necessary to ensure that the right help is provided on time.

Business Needs

In the emerging digital transformation, the transactions and conversations among businesses and customers are made over the Internet. So, the disputes created by the customer will turn remote. The customer support like Fresh Waste Management comes to your rescue to keep the records of all customer emails and dispute requests. Every customer is acknowledged with an automated response and status is sent over mail. It bridges a link between customer loyalty and good service. It helps one to build better communication with the customer, theryby increasing conversion rate and growing return on investment.


The Challenge

The customer support system is indeed one of the difficult and most challenging departments in any website portal. It governs all the incoming issues dropped by a customer. Creating, managing, and keeping the records of all the tickets is a crucial process in the entire workflow of the website. Another important aspect of this project is to load balancing between the servers to improve scalability and high-performance deliverability.

Our Solution

Our team of excellent developers curates website solutions to assign the dispute to the admin department. We have implemented third party integration API which is Microsoft 360. The admin leads in the entire support system and authorizes in the entire process. The admin console generates a ticket for dispute raised and updates the status to the customer via email. The whole conversation between the admin and user is displayed in the admin panel for review purposes.

Some of the beneficiary features of the website are given as below:

  • The website contributes to any organization to get a closer view of customer disputes and solve them on time.
  • The customer support system functions on proper solutions and not unsolicited reactions.
  • It optimizes the advantage of technology and uses it wisely as remote support to drop-down maximum disputes.
  • Fresh Waste presents a simple yet powerful web portal to create, record, and respond to support requests.
  • The admin department integrates a way to approach a customer and sends an email immediately after a ticket is raised.

Key Outcomes

  • One of the key aspects of developing customer support is to achieve sales goals.
  • A website like Fresh Waste Management offers solutions to build better customer relationships.
  • It gives a fast, robust, and simple help desk system to improve customer support efficiency by raising a ticket.
  • It is a revolutionary and easy to use the system to bring unbiased system defined solutions for a multiuser web-based company.