Government application


- Oil and Gas


- Android Application


Project Overview

This government application was developed with the same motive to digitize the entire process of form filling and submission reducing paperwork and hassle for our client.


Client Background

Our client is one of the largest companies working in the government sector responsible for handling a large amount of data of its vendors and customers.

Business Needs

From the beginning, the client’s process of new customer enrollment was handled manually. It was not only time-consuming for its customers and employees but also led to the loss of business. That’s when the client approached Yudiz Solutions to develop an android application for its staff members that can increase the customer conversion rate and reduce challenges faced by their employees.


The Challenge

Digitizing the manual process wasn’t easy as it came with challenges of its own. A multiuser feature was to be introduced in the app that could create a user-specific division of local data. Our mobile app developers were also informed that the employees had to go to villages or areas with poor internet connectivity where forms couldn’t be submitted. Data storage was essential to ensure the forms were stored locally and processed later.


Compression of documents and files uploaded was also crucial to reduce its size and manage memory efficiently

Our Solution

As the best software development company, we made sure our solutions were aligned with our client’s goals. We used the programming language Kotlin as it facilitates the app development process making it cost-effective and used Android’s Workmanager to schedule tasks. Keeping in mind the problem of internet connectivity, we used the Room database to store data locally and used cryptographic encryption for enhancing security.

The application comes with very useful features such as:

  • Staff members can create and save forms based on customer type and locality.
  • They can fill out the form digitally which will consist of customer’s personal information and the rate plan they are willing to choose.
  • Draft feature to save incomplete forms and resume filling later.
  • Offline forms are available for low internet connectivity areas.
  • Quick corrections and updates for the forms that are submitted to the server.
  • Multiple language support to increase the usability of the application.
  • Features like auto-logout and authentication processes to increase security and data privacy.

Key Outcomes

The development of this application came as a significant relief for our client’s employees who had to now go through less paperwork. The application helped them serve their customers better increasing their overall satisfaction which changed the company’s profit drastically.