- Adventure Game


- Unity, Amazon Web Services, Node.js, MongoDB


Project Overview

Kapcha is an adventure mobile game, which places gamers in real surroundings while superimposing several animals into user’s environment helping them earn in-game currency and sponsor offers.


Client Background

A startup from Mauritius wanted to develop a game similar to Pokemon Go and its AR-based game functionality for encouraging promotions for food companies. Like Pokemon Go, this game was expected to rope in new business avenues in terms of marketing for the food chains.

Business Needs

The client required to develop an AR game called Kapcha that modelled itself on popular AR games that superimpose animated characters in real environment with in-game currency and other benefits. The effort was intended to make the game viral with its simplicity and addictive nature. The AR game itself was focused to rope in local food chain companies to distribute food coupons inside the game itself.


The Challenge

This involved a marketing strategy to target food companies to enlist themselves with the client to push their food coupons as part of the in-game fun and thus drive their business.

Developing a mini game based on AR technology was tough to develop since the geolocation. Running an AR game at better frames per second (FPS) was a big challenge owing to the integration of geolocation within the game itself.

Our Solution

Since Kapcha was intended to be a multi-user game based on augmented reality, Yudiz developed a strong AR gaming platform based on Amazon Web Services to keep the game scalable to reach any number of users, even lakhs of gamers at any given point of time. The game is based on active geo-location of the player.

The players can roam around their real-world environment and catch animated characters especially animals using virtual nets. The players get points on catching animals and can earn in-game currency by exchanging their collected animals with other players. They can also benefit from attractive sponsor offers for their gaming skills.


Key Outcomes

Addictive in nature, this game gets gamers to participate in groups and capture animals in the net with real returns in the form of in-game currency that can be used any time. Also company sponsor awards incentivized gamers to look for more animals in different surroundings.

The AR game allowed gamers to play in their real-life environment and trudge along while playing the game itself. This helped the company promote a healthy living style incentivizing the gamers for the same.