NFT Marketplace Development


- Digital Art


- Angular, Node, MongoDB, Redis


Project Overview

NFT marketplace includes digital assets representing physical objects that represent artworks, music pieces, exclusive videos, and the like. These objects are bought and sold using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ether. They exist on blockchain technology that records transactions immutably on the Ethereum blockchain and ensures its decentralized nature for trading purposes.


Client Background

The client is an Indian celebrity who wanted to develop his own NFT marketplace to house his decades of work and memories in the form of NFTs for his fans. Having worked in a number of films and with a legion of fans ready to own a part of his life in some form, the celebrity actor wished to transform his memorabilia in the form of images, videos, and music pieces in NFTs.

Business Needs

Our client wanted to create a unique NFT marketplace app that is secure, scalable, and quicker than ever and weed out issues like block size restrictions and slow confirmations.

He wanted a platform that could enable access to global crypto trading aligned with the new trends of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The idea behind crafting the website was to invite his fans to invest in his digital assets aligned with the best offers, standards, and conditions of the international market.


The Challenge

Since blockchain is a digital database-record keeping system, every entry is validated and recorded across several decentralized computers. Every user is required to verify the accuracy of the information, which is difficult in traditional systems.

Our Solution

The NFT marketplace app consisted of the following key features:

  • Create Listings:
    Users could create and submit videos, upload files, and enter token details effectively.
  • Wallet:
    The wallet enables site users to save, dispatch, and receive NFTs, connecting them to already linked wallet that could be any of the trending wallets.
  • Search Bar:
    Users can search for specific collectibles, tagged and segregated in the form of different attributes.
  • Filters:
    These filters simplify site and app navigation to trade several collectibles, helping users to choose items based on status, category, and payment method.
  • Bidding:
    This feature allows users to purchase NFTs after winning the bid, enabling users to view details about the status.
  • Storefront:
    This feature renders details about NFT with price history, owner, details, and the current bids.

Salient Attributes of the NFT portal

  • Smart showcase of NFTs representing the celeb’s life and memories with complete ownership to the owner
  • Transferable ownership details through NFT marketplace across a wide variety of content
  • Cost-effective platform right from scratch with prompt customer support, robust security, and immense scalability.
  • Comprehensive and streamlined investor dashboard of the website is inclusive of wallet services.
  • Complete privacy and no interference from other parties during transactions
  • Robust trading opportunities featuring two-way authentication

Key Outcomes

  • Hundreds and thousands of registered users (fans) on the platform get a chance to own a piece of the celeb’s life.
  • Fast, secure, and scalable app delivering streamlined and seamless user experience.
  • Prompt access to advanced crypto trading functionalities aided by a personalized wallet system.
  • No centralized oversight on transactions and NFT transfers
  • Exceptional digital asset solution for secured trading purposes and ownership of exclusive content.