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- Event and photo management


- Android


Project Overview

Events are big and small. Regardless of the size of attendees, it becomes important to manage the guest list and share moments effortlessly. To create a seamless customer experience, this photo app helps people find events and parties nearby. It also helps them create and manage their public or private events, mark guest attendance, and share photos and videos with their friends and families.


Client Background

The client from the UK working in the event management industry was aiming to create a platform that could serve as the purpose of creating and managing events, and sharing memories after it.

Business Needs

This photography app was live and the client had was willing to make only a few changes to it. But after a detailed competitive analysis and through discussion with our App development team, they decided to redo the entire app. The objective was to bring new features and functionality to the app thus making it relevant in the market and helping it stand out from the rest.


The Challenge

After any party or event, it’s the photos and videos that we cherish forever. The client wanted us to develop an app that makes it easy for an event organizer to upload and share pictures and videos with the attendees. Now, one of the biggest challenges faced by our developers was video streaming and processing. The video uploaded to this platform must be of high resolution and compatible with every software. Research & Development was a crucial part of this project as our developers had to find a tool that makes audio and video streaming.

Our Solution

As the best app development company, we understood the need of the client and used a library called FFmpeg that can record, convert, and stream digital audio and video in numerous formats. This photography app helps its user find and filter out nearby events like dance parties or music concerts in their location. It allows an organizer to create a customized event or album and share it with people via Social media.

Other salient features of this project include:

  • Creating a photo album for each event to make photo sharing within the audience easy.
  • One-Click invitation for the guests to remove any hassle for complex passwords.
  • Attendees list to manage them efficiently and avoid any outsiders into the event.
  • Unlimited storage for your guests so they can upload as much they want
  • Secure servers to provide high security and privacy for the events created and uploads shared on the platform.

Key Outcomes

  •  The app helped people gather memories into a single platform.
  • Unlimited storage gives freedom to its users
  • Redoing the application enhanced its customer experience and usability.

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