- Warehouse management




Project Overview

Warehouse management plays an important role in keeping the supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. SAP is the No.1 Warehouse management system (WMS) used worldwide. SAP’s ERP system ranks as one of the best in manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, and many other industries. Whatever be your business size, our software and processes make warehouse management effortless.


Client Background

Our client runs one of the largest retail outlets spanning multiple locations and warehouses that enables the entire production and supply chain.

Business Needs

Our client has many warehouses and, each of them was running by a different Warehouse Management System (WMS). To implement any new changes, the client had to manually make changes to each of the systems installed in the warehouses. So, our client thought of simplifying this process with a single WMS system that effectively communicates with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), making different processes across warehouses easier and more efficient.


The Challenge

It was challenging to transition from the traditional WMS to SAP EWM while also covering every requirement of the warehouses that were essential for its proper functioning. Also, creating a sync between the online warehouses and the store was difficult and demanded extra time from our developers. The frequent changes in the scopes and test cases came as a hindrance for our developers.

Our Solution

Though having a limited timeframe, our developers stood up to the expectations of the client. We were able to migrate to SAP EWM from the legacy system as per the timeline given and could also implement a solution that was in sync for both Store and Online warehouse requirements.

We have implemented different interfaces to connect with the third-party systems during Picking, Unloading & loading for transferring data. An inbound solution was the most complex and had mainly customization involved. Also, we had developed objects for RF & Pick by Voice. We were able to meet the KPI given by the client for all the time taking processes like unloading, loading, PGI, etc.

The following features were part of the solution provided:

  • Baseline configuration for inbound, outbound, and internal warehouse processes
  • Mapping of the warehouse structure
  • Configuration related to Storage types, Sections, Storage bins, and quant’s
  • Custom Reports in Warehouse monitor
  • Quality management
  • Configured CIF, Physical inventory, difference analyzer, cycle counting, and many more.

Key Outcomes

Using our 10+ years of experience in the SAP EWM and Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) for warehouse management, our client could utilize resources at their maximum capacity resulting in cost reduction and profit maximization. Also, using ERP of SAP led to stock accuracy rising by 100%