Solver Inc.


- Talent Acquisition


- Hyperledger


Company Background
- Talent Acquisition Firm.

Project Overview

The project included the development of a talent acquisition platform based on Blockchain technology functioning as a fully-featured job discovery portal for job seekers and a human resource management platform to facilitate varied HR processes.


Client Background

The client was a startup that represented one of the first Blockchain-Powered P2P Talent Acquisition Platforms. The client is in the talent acquisition industry to hire the best-known talented and skilled professionals from the market with transparency and integrity in the process.

Business Needs

The client required a blockchain-powered P2P talent acquisition platform that could promote transparency to the hiring approach while facilitating job seekers and companies to connect in a streamlined manner.

Every record needs to be timestamped and in sync with the timeline of the entries, preventing any tampering action or alterations.


The Challenge

Since blockchain is a digital database-record keeping system, every entry is validated and recorded across several decentralized computers. Every user is required to verify the accuracy of the information, which is difficult in traditional systems.

The client needed an incorruptible platform that offers the utmost transparency into the process.

Our Solution

Yudiz developed a comprehensive talent acquisition platform powered by its blockchain solutions. The platform served as a job discovery portal to new job offers and facilitated organizations to create jobs or specific gigs and projects to hire talent relevant to the tasks. The talent acquisition portal also facilitated compliance management and background verification of job seekers to the tee while helping HR personnel with the on-boarding procedure. The platform hosted payments to hired professionals in a streamlined manner too.

The platform also allowed professionals to post their career record on the blockchain while allowing companies to automate routine and menial tasks that did not require skilled HR employees.


Key Outcomes

  • Developed a Comprehensive P2P talent acquisition platform.
  • Created a robust job portal connecting companies with job seekers.
  • First of a kind Blockchain-powered portal that ensures transparency in the hiring process.
  • Facilitated multiple HR processes including background verification, on-boarding, screening, compliance management, etc.
  • Embraced diverse types of hiring engagements – full time, part-time, freelance, gig-specific, etc.
  • Features a transparent audit trail of actions with timestamps of changes made by specific users.
  • Based on the concept of a decentralized open internet to ensure hiring is done without bias.
  • Facilitates electronic career record of the job seeker instead of traditional CV.
  • Automation features available for the creation of job descriptions, job publishing, screening of candidates, send mass hiring mails, etc.