Sports Info


- Sports News & Media


- Angular, Node, MongoDB, Redis


Company Background
- Game Development Company.

Project Overview

Sports Info is a news and media portal streaming live matches, alerts and all news related to sports. The website is basically a news feed keeping the top news on highlights and live score updates of ongoing matches. It also pops up the recommended news from the sports industry about your favorite sports or team playing. The home tab has it all. You can also watch matches or events from various sports categories like Football, Cricket, NBA, and others. It keeps you posted about the topmost games for the day like NBA playoffs and any record-breaking goals or centuries.


Client Background

The client based in India has various connections in the sports industry. This makes the admin feed all the relevant sports info to the portal. The basic requirements of the client are to develop a platform where a user can read live news about different sports categories that include badminton, cricket, tennis, soccer, basketball, racing, and kabaddi. The client wanted to create a one-stop solution that eventually turns into a sports guide for scores, results and, fixtures. The Home page displays the top stories & analysis from across the world of sports.

Business Needs

Sports is the next big profit-making industry we all know. By making the right use of the sports fanatics page, there’s always a way to make the most of your website traffic and convert these eyeballs into money-making businesses. There is a big audience of sports enthusiasts awaiting live catch-up video, audio and text commentary. These audiences payoffs huge content visibility for all the live scores, news highlights, and match alerts posted on the site. It generates a fortune of money from sponsored content, direct ads, and affiliate marketing. This is due to the increasing digital demand in every industry, these days.


The Challenge

Developing an engaging website the quality content is a challenge in itself. Our team of developers has worked hard to craft a website that attracts a wide array of sports fans. The next big challenge is to ensure a seamless interface and design which ensure high-performance and robustness. Our team operates on content visibility to club the information in an organized manner and provides maintenance support while building the website.

Our Solution

Our team of web developers has developed an interactive layout to fetch the right information when searched by the user. The website provides seamless navigation to access the dashboard and easy scrolling down the news feed. It brings the visitor’s attention and increases the average time on page. The solutions are implied to achieve user convenience and organize sports in a readable form. The website solutions help you browse over all the spicy and latest sports news headlines at no cost.

Some extraordinary features of the website make it unique:

  • The website offers language transfer of news into 10-12 languages within a click.
  • It includes live sports coverage from the stadium and score updates before it flashes in the news channel.
  • Learn about all the latest sports and events around the world with the comfort of your home and cheer up your favorite player.
  • It offers every minute details of any match along with living commentary and player rankings.
  • Find all the information on matches, news, analysis, statistics, rumors, and schedule by putting in the search box.

Key Outcomes

  • Get quick access to team rankings, flashing scores, sports alerts, and upcoming leagues within the fingertips.
  • Access a wide range of sports categories from cricket, soccer, badminton, field hockey, kabaddi, racing, and tennis.
  • It is a very user-friendly portal to let you switch between different sports feed with just a tap on the dashboard of the interface.
  • It shows juiciest sports videos and the latest news headlines with a swipe of thumb clicks and tap on the articles you want to read.