8 Ball World Challenge


- Sports Game


- Unity, Amazon Web Services, Node.js, MongoDB


Project Overview

8 Ball international will be the mobile game app where the users will play different variations of the pool game. Different interactive game-play variations will be available like Speed 8 ball gameplay and 1 on 1 multiplayer gameplay, which will allow the users to get involved in the fun by competing against the opponents.


Client Background

The client was an Australian entrepreneur and investor with a long history of successful investments in multiple projects in the gaming arena and mobile app world.

Business Needs

The client required to develop a pool game called 8-ball World Challenge that included different variations of the pool game including single-player, 1-on-1, speed pool and so on. The client required to incorporate in-game purchases of coins to entice players to raise the stakes with different players especially while playing in multiplayer games and tournaments.


The Challenge

The game development required variations of the 8-ball pool game that had its own set of complexities in terms of flexible rules for different opponents on a random basis. The game incorporated the popular 1-on-1 multiplayer game that boasted of varied complex features where bets were placed. The connectivity between two players was crucial during the multiplayer mode. Additionally, games would happen elsewhere within a tournament and the game had to bind results from different games together.

Our Solution

Yudiz developed a game that included several modes of the 8-ball pool game. Gamers required to login with Google or Facebook to play the game. One could play a single-player game, a 1-on-1 online multiplayer game, speed 8-ball with a timer, a tournament among friends and random strangers, etc.

Gamers can refine their skills in the practice arena, or take on the world in multiplayer 1-vs-1 matches, or enter tournaments to win a host of trophies and exclusive cues! Customize the cue and table with pool coins at stake in every game – win the match and all the coins are yours. One can increase stakes in higher ranked matches, and buy new items for competing better against opponents. One can even play with friends and challenge them straight from the game.

Gamers could play matches to increase rankings and get access to better cues and other stuff.


Key Outcomes

  • Shop – buy new cues, chat messages, coins (In-App).
  • In-game invites to play a game with a friend.
  • Gamers receive a bonus of 100 coins and the option to watch the video to earn additional 35 coins.
  • Choose cues with special attributes in terms of force, spin, aim, and time.
  • Track the leaderboard in all the types of 8-ball pool games within the game itself!
  • Gamers could earn more trophies for their achievements in completing a specific number of successful games, or earn a specific number of coins, and so on.
  • For those willing to spend real money, they could shell out anywhere from $0.99 – $9.99 for earning loads of in-game coins and remove ads.