Unlock Gates


- Housing and Construction


- Native Android and iOS


Project Overview

Housing committees have a lot of tasks to manage. From putting out timely notices to keeping a check on safety and maintenance, the list is endless. UnlockGates is society management software that addresses the problem of housing committees and helps them efficiently run their societies.


Client Background

The client is an Indian startup managing various housing societies and upcoming township.

Business Needs

Lack of communication, excess of data, frequent service management, and wastage of resources are some of the issues faced by housing societies. With daily work and responsibilities, it gets increasingly difficult for committee members to continue serving their societies in the long run.

The client wanted to solve these problems and thought of developing an app that could bring all functionalities into a single platform.


The Challenge

Our developers had to face the challenge of creating a user interface that is easy and unique. The module was to be created in a way that would accommodate multiple flats owned by the same member and a hierarchy that allows the chairperson to have complete access to the app while giving limited access to other committee members.

The idea was to make tasks like posting on notice boards, solving complaints, and managing security alerts easy and convenient.

Our Solution

Understanding the challenges and needs of the client, Yudiz developed an application that contains the following features.

  • A notice board to make announcements that can be categorized as general or block centric
  • Multiple accounts and profiles for the people and their families owning two houses in the locality
  • For enhanced security, the flat members can add and manage visitor’s time, date, and duration of their visits
  • Separate logins for security guards and house help staffs to allow smooth tracking of timings and shifts
  • An innovative way of addressing complaints to avoid any repetitiveness
  • Complaint module divided into three sections namely general, members, and blocks for addressing complaints that are either general or specific to a block or a member
  • A trusted and secure hierarchy created for sign-ups that allows only authenticated users to be added to the system
  • In-depth information of all the flat members will be recorded on the application

Key Outcomes

  • Building a sense of trust between flat members and committee members
  • Making communication and administration transparent and easy
  • Efficient society management leads to a higher standard of living
  • A higher standard of living ensures the high market value of the property