Vehicle management app


- Maps & Navigation


- iOS App


Project Overview

Everyone likes owning their dream vehicle but very few think and prepare themselves for the responsibilities it brings itself with. We are talking about parking issues, insurance renewal, timely services, taxes, etc. This vehicle management and maintenance app developed by Yudiz is the perfect solution for your vehicle-related worries making your journey smooth and hassle-free.


Client Background

The client from the UK wanted to move towards EMobility by introducing a vehicle maintenance app that could include all functionalities into a single platform.

Business Needs

In the UK, the car is used as the most common mode of transport for traveling to work. But many people face trouble and hardships driving around the city. With no upfront information of nearby petrol stations, EV charger sockets availability, car wash locations, and parking facilities driving was getting costlier and less joyful. Moreover, people would often miss out on their timely vehicle services, insurance renewal, and MOT reminders ending up spending more and breaking laws without their knowledge.


The Challenge

Since the app uses maps for many of its functionalities, it was a challenge for our developers to include locations of nearby petrol stations, electric charging stations, and their pricing. They used clustering algorithms to include places as the user zooms out to see other options. The app allows users to add all their vehicles and allows it to manage their notifications.

Since iOS permits a limited number of notifications per app, our developers found a way to allow multiple notifications for each vehicle the user adds, bringing all the reminders and notifications in a single app.

Our Solution

As the best mobile app development company, our developers used the Combine framework and the MVVM architecture. As the app serves a huge number of users, the Combine framework helps simplify concurrency, multithreading, and built-in memory management. MVVM architecture offers an advantage over Model-View-Controller (MVC) by reducing complexity and increasing testability.

The core features of this app are:

  • Map wherein the user can find petrol stations all over the UK and compare live pricing information
  • Locate EV charging destinations and pricing
  • Find a car wash location nearby
  • Spot a parking area beforehand
  • See hot offers and discounts available at the petrol stations and car washes for a given period of time
  • Receive notifications for MOT reminders, vehicle services, and insurance renewals.

Key Outcomes

Since the launch of this app, it has been loved by the people. The app helps them to be more organized and handle taxes and reminders in a better way. It saves them time and money resulting in making their drive smooth and convenient.
Premium members receive more rewards and benefits turning them into loyal and long-term users of the app.