Yudiz Solutions Business Continuity Plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is at a halt.


Business entities today exist in a highly competitive world, while numerous ventures have ground to a halt, we have come to understand that for us at Yudiz Solutions providing complete solutions is the key point in every situation. Therefore we came up with our Business Continuity Plan.


We at Yudiz Solutions are constantly innovating to meet our business objectives of providing essential and unique services to our clients. Some of our clients have developed to depend on us over the past certain years. In this way, it’s significant that in dubious conditions such as now, we keep up their trust and keep our administrations continuous.


We have likewise not overlooked our duty towards our employees, who have helped us remain on this ethical ground. Their assistance, wellbeing, and health have been our top priority. We are carefully following a remote work model which has helped in guaranteeing zero COVID19 cases inside our group. For crossing over our two needs, we have been utilizing broad online joint effort abilities to empower steady correspondence and ceaseless conveyance. In spite of the fact that we are in nonstop correspondence with our clients to assist them by cruising through this troublesome circumstance together, we accept that there can be questions and worries around our business continuity plans and how we are arranging our advancement and conveyance forms.


Here FAQ’s which helps us and can also help other companies to make sure that the Business Continuity Plan won’t affect customer satisfaction and also the employee’s needs.


1. What is BCM (Business Continuity Management)?

a. Business continuity management (BCM) is the way organizations manage and respond to risks. The aim is to allow mission-critical functions to continue operating in the event of disruptions. BCM also helps organizations return to ‘business as usual’ promptly and with as little trouble as possible after a disruption.

2. How does business continuity work?

a. Organizations can achieve effective business continuity by implementing a business continuity management system (BCMS). It involves developing business continuity plans (BCP) to manage and protect against identified risks.

3. During the lockdown is the Plan implemented or yet to be implemented?

a. From the beginning, we have been monitoring the growing number of cases around the world and have taken strict actions in the office premises to create awareness about the virus. BCP was in our mind from the beginning and was implemented as soon as the cases started in India.

4. How does the team ensure that the work is carried out smoothly and is coordinated?

a. The entire team is connected via various platforms like Zoom and Skype. We have team meetings that will ensure that the members involved in the project are well coordinated and the project is running smoothly.

5. You have offices in the UK, Canada where the situation is worse. How is the work being carried out there?

a. The health of each of our employees is our utmost concern. We have issued remote working for each of our employees around the globe and advised them to avoid any unnecessary travel plans. But we ensure remote working does not hamper productivity. The authorized person keeps track of the work that’s done everyday through regular reporting.

6. What is Yudiz doing to support its own employees during the COVID-19 outbreak?

a. All employees have been strongly encouraged to work remotely. Work-related travel and event attendance has been suspended or postponed. In addition to using our normal collaboration and communication tools, we ensure a comfortable and effective remote workspace. We continue to monitor recommendations from the WHO, so we remain up-to-date on the latest information and safety protocols.

7. Will there be any impact in communicating with the present team who is handling our projects?

a. No, there will not be any such impact. Yudiz Solutions Private Limited is maintaining our services fully operational. Our technical teams and department head are monitoring round the clock, and client communication is done on a regular basis.

8. Does Yudiz have virtual resources that our customers can utilize during this time?

a. If you wish to hire virtual or remote resources that will help in adding some extra workforce to your team to boost your delivery process, we can offer you our services/resources at competitive rates.

9. What is Yudiz doing about price gouging?

a. In these tough times, many companies tend to increase the pricing of their services. However, here in Yudiz, we understand how things can be during the crisis thus we are providing very reasonable and discounted prices for our customers.


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