How to build the High quality Links using Email Marketing?

How to build the High quality Links using Email Marketing?

How to Find the List of Relevant Contacts

List building is most phenomenal technique to get links. Not many are aware about its importance. This especially of utmost importance for a content based site or an e-commerce site.

For those involved in affiliate sales or B2B marketing list building adds up to the business. It is a fantastic way, to get in more people enter your bionetwork. Such list can be very beneficial in future and the organization can actually develop great contacts with them. Here are some medium  of contact:

– Forums

– Personal Blogs

– Social Media Channels

Email Format

Customize your mail

Don’t forget to keep an important question – “Name”. Getting their name would help you send them customized email. There are lists floating out on the web getting emails with introductions like “Hello there” or “Hi dear” and such emails are listed as spam by most of the customers.

Instead you should be focused on sending customized emails with the name of the customer like “Hi Julie, we have got something for you “as an introduction.


Add an attractive heading which would prompt the users to open up the entire email. Most of the readers delete mails without reading it and an attractive heading would push them to open the mail and read it. Keep it something crisp and catchy.

Such emails are more likely to be opened up. While you are giving out something, focus on giving it of great value.

Add value to user

After knowing who the potential linkers are, you can get them in by introducing an incentive scheme for the same. These incentives would differ for different kind of services provided by the mailer. Readers can consider the following incentive schemes for getting back links.

  • “Link to us and get a free e-copy of our book” – This book can be compilation of all the past blogs and can be formed in to an e-copy
  • Another option is requesting them to spread the news. In the email format you can let the users know that this is some IMPORTANT news and they should pass it on. A few concerned ones would do that and help you get traffic.
  • Ask the readers to share their stories and once they do post their stories on the blog or in news letter. This way you will get traffic from the people whose stories have been posted.
  • Creating an award clip art with a back link to your site would be beneficial. Ask people to win the awards by sharing the links. They can put this award on their own site or blog. Also you can create a vote game. You can held up an e-competition amongst few readers and ask them to get maximum votes. This way a larger amount of traffic would be redirected to your site.
  • Discounts – offer them discounts on the service for linking to them
  • Creating competitive prices for the product which is already available on various other sites would help you a lot.
  • A free recharge for someone linking to your site

Quick tips for Email Marketing




  • Subscribe: If you have a website you can place a “Subscribe Us” button on the side panel of the site. It has your organizations name and email address with this button. Also one more important thing is to keep minimal info in the subscribing form. While you are asking someone to subscribe you, ask for little info as no one likes filling in long forms.
  • Frequency: Another crucial point is the frequency of these emails. You should be focused on sending the emails on regular time intervals and not very frequent. Ideally, once a week is fine. If the client replies or shows interest and you start sending him emails on daily basis or frequently there are chances that such a customer would unsubscribe from your list. Your emails would be irritating him. Be in a regular cycle and don’t just change it according to your wish.
  • Inactiveness: Watching the inactiveness is also very important. Don’t just focus on getting a bigger list; instead focus on getting a quality oriented list. Monitor your list carefully and if you find anyone not opening the emails from longer time, just weed out that person from the list. This would indeed make the list shorter but would maintain its quality. There are chances that such persons are not opening up your email and instead are clicking on the “spam” button in Gmail or “report spam” button in hotmail. A larger number of spam reports for your email and create a problem for you in future. Spam is serious threat and it’s advisable to be away from that group.
  • More usage of Images: We also see people tend to send a lot of pictures while opting for the process of Email Marketing. This method is short and crisp but it takes a lot of time for the mail to open, which also create a negative impact. The last thing that is needed to be kept in mind regarding the Email Message is the format in which the mail is written. It is advised to not to use a very fancy font or very small size this is left unnoticed by the user.

Link Building Tactics







  • Embedded content: It is very important to share embedded content. Share content having embedded links as people would more likely click on it. Also ask the readers to contribute their work like designs, portfolio etc. If you had a regular customer for 1 year, give him an offer of creating a design to say “thank you” to your company. Such interactive activities would get in more traffic.
  • Filtering email id’s: this has a bigger advantage compared to all other methods. You can filter the business email id’s from the big list you have. Separate the bigger domains like Gmail and Hotmail and target the business domains. First check the services of business domains and if they are relevant to your work it’s beneficial for you. They can be “Future customers” for you.
  • Profiles: Allow users to build up their profile on your website. Put a form which they can fill and their profile would be on your site. They can contribute things with these profiles like a write up or a design.
  • Personalized Emails: Send personalized emails to people who are actively involved and engaged in activities on your site. They would like it and share it with others. Those others may share it with few more friends and in turn you would gain a huge traffic.
  • Individual attention:  visit your reader’s personal blogs or sites and even their social media pages and leave behind comments and feedbacks. This would help you maintain a strong relation with your audiences. It may take months or years to build it, but it definitely will.
  • Capture IP’s and Geo tag it:  This would help you know the location of your users and filter them according to various cities. If you are going to be present at a special event in that city or your lecture is scheduled there, you can shout out to specific location users. They may also share it with their friends and your info and site would be extended by your users.
  • RSS Feeds: RSS the content over the web with your own advertisement. “Help us share”, “we are promoting a new service” etc are some of its example. Don’t do it on every post instead, do it on regular intervals like every 20th post.

All this methods would build up a confidential relation between you and the readers. On a later stage you can ask the reader to put up your link on his website and even you can promote his link in return. He is already following you and he trusts you so he would be putting up your link and in turn helps you in generating more traffic.

So now you understand how email marketing can work wonders for building links and generating traffic for the website.

Ketan Parmar

Ketan Parmar

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