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The gaming industry has witnessed the biggest peaks over time. And, Ludo games hold a remarkable and unbeaten track record of winning hearts and topping the gaming charts. The symphony of dice and tokens clattering has been on a ‘throne’ since time immemorial. But, do you know how Ludo games since decades have dynamically dominated and thrived amidst the surge of other billions of games? Well, that’s unique for sure. Like how is the charm still intact amongst these 3.02 billion users and players even in 2024? Is it the facelifts? Or the gigantic switch from board games to launching games on Ludo platforms with an even bigger and better playtime? You guessed it right.

Is it the swap from manual board games to platforms? That is bringing the fun and aesthetically pleasing vibes of Ludo games to the screens. Plus, the fleet of features, futuristic in-game aspects, and dynamicity it offers. But, but, the main characters here are the Ludo game development platforms. Just not that, these platforms have been opening up multiple streams of revenue generation for the investors. Which means, it is a two-way win. So, let’s explore those power-packed platforms right away.

Quick Sneak Peek: How Ludo Games Evolved?

Classics never go out of style they say. And, this is pretty much evident with the most loved game. To be specific a ‘Board Game’. The transition and dynamic trajectory of boards to screens has pulled up some of the best gaming facelifts. Plus, keeping that aesthetic, old, and original feel of Ludo board games intact is unmatchable.

Yes, launching Ludo games is serendipity. There are plenty of platforms that have Ludo games. Plus, the undeniable and unflinching smartphone reliance is pushing this to an unparalleled level. What this means is that what merely started a board game to be found on floors and tables of people, traditionally. Is now on the palms of millions out there. And, not just that it is also panned out globally. There are communities and troupes on Ludo game development platforms.

Also, we all know what Ludo games are. They are too talked about to discuss that. So, what we will give you in this section is a quick rundown of the evolutions. To be precise, a quick timeline of the board to screen supremacy.

200 BCE – 200 CE: This was first initially recognized as ‘Pachisi’. Where pawns were moved on the 4 ends for the 4 players. But, during the earlier days, dice was a cowrie shell. Also, this was nonetheless, the game of royals, also known as the ‘Royal Game of India’.

6th – 7th Century: The then game of royals with cowrie shells as dice was replaced with a game on cloth over a board. This was then known as ‘Chaupar’. A game that had dice and tokens.

16th Century: Cut to the 16th century where Pachisi was brought to England. Again, of course, the name was changed. But, this time around it was accented a bit. Well, yes, it’s ‘Patchesi’.

19th Century: The game was simplified, made more accessible, and patented too. Yes, Alfred Collier patented the game as ‘Royal Ludo’ in England, in 1896.

1990: The Era of Video Games it was. The digital versions of the traditional Ludo board games were brought on computers.

2000: Online gaming and mobile gaming via apps. Particularly, it was during the 2000s when these games were facelifted. A fleet of features like interactive elements, an advanced graphical layout, and multiplayer options.

2020s: Pandemic was the ‘Hit year’ as well as the ‘It year’ for Ludo games. Games like Ludo King took over and dominated the globe. This was the time when features like social interactions, AI bots, personalized boards, etc. Plus, the Ludo game launch platforms hit the throttle.

2024 & Moving Ahead: The Ludo games are being launched on platforms, and immersive dynamicity is being brought to the Ludo games. Right from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI features, socials, monetization features, etc.

Whereas, this is the rundown on Ludo games and the transition from boards to screens. Now, let’s explore the ‘Ludo game launch platforms’. This is important because the entire dynamicity, resurgence, and popularity of Ludo games these days are on the platforms. So, let’s decode this.

Exploring: What Are Launching Platforms?

Developing a Ludo game app is a serendipity. Investors see the opportunity lies in launching the Ludo games on the platforms. But, why? Is it just because smartphones are an undeniable part of life now? Or is it because the digital versions of the board game are the futuristic leapfrog moment for the players? Even this could be one reason. The entire community building, making your game public, bringing it to the target audience via channels.

Yes, we do think that the launching platforms are one of the greatest and the most viable ways to introduce the games. Specifically, in this digital era. So coming to launching platforms. The platforms serve as channels, portals, or stages through which Ludo games are introduced.

Purpose: Launching Ludo games on platforms allows the owners to let the players access, download and play the games. The platform lists the Ludo games, allowing players to download, access, play, review, and recommend them. The platforms are available on different genres/fronts.

Different Fronts: App stores like Apple App Store, Google Play Store etc. Then there are other fronts like the PlayStation store, Xbox etc.

How are they launched? You launch the developed Ludo games on the respective platform. But, besides that there are aspects like game maintenance. This includes updates, bug fixes, adding new features etc.

Now, you know what launching Ludo game platforms is. Let’s get to decoding other parts of this process.

Exploring: Which Are the Top Platforms for Ludo Game Launch?

Choosing the right platform is a part of the process of Ludo game development services, nowadays. This is because of the entire frenzy of digital and virtual games. The transition from traditional boards to digital platforms has certainly changed the entire trajectory.

Although, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the platforms. Let’s understand why it is important to choose the right platform and what factors it affects.

Why? Choosing the right Ludo game launch platforms is important because in the digitally sound era of games. Launching your Ludo games can have a lot of odds in your favor and vice versa if not.

So, factors like user base, attracting the right audience, visibility, and market presence of the game. With that factors like monetization strategies, in-game advancements and the entire success of the game is invariably dependent on the platform you pick.

Coming to the platforms: There are multiple platforms with a plethora of different attributes.

Android: Google Play Store: When it comes to top platforms for Ludo game launch there are different categories like Android, iOS, console games, and PC games. Here we are talking about the Android platform. Google Play Store is the platform when it comes to the Android front.

Launching Ludo games on the Google Play Store will allow you to attract, offer and introduce games to Android users. Further, the visibility, accessibility and introduction of your Ludo games will have a few back-end protocols.

On the other hand, what these platforms offer is of course higher visibility, user reach and accessibility. Specifically, with Android platforms considering the massive user base and fraternity of Android users. However, at the core aspects like in-app purchases, in-app advertisements, features and added technical support.

So, let’s say as of 2024 the reports state that there will be around 3.6 billion Android users. And, now imagine when you pick Android- Google Play Store as the Ludo game launch platform. You get to introduce your Ludo game to those 3.6 billion users.

iOS – Now coming to the Apple app store. It has its own set of protocols, fraternity and commitment towards its user base. So, when it comes to selecting the top platforms for the Ludo game launch. This is one of the best platforms to choose from.

The fact of the matter is each platform has its own unique set of capabilities. Apple focuses on app quality, privacy and security. Where on the other hand, Android platforms get you a wider user reach and a massive user base.

Although, coming to the Apple app store, if you launch your Ludo game. You get almost all the aspects like Android. But, a little massive dynamicity on privacy, security and standard approach. To be precise here user feedback, reviews, in-app purchases and in toto all the features are the same. You get to offer almost everything to your users. Just, in this case, you offer, approach and introduce your Ludo games to a premium user base.

Now, let’s unravel other platforms.

Other Platforms: When it comes to Ludo game development, choosing and filtering the platforms naturally becomes a part of the process. This means you need to choose whether to launch your game on console platforms, PC platforms, or mobile apps.

See, if you are wondering what else comes besides Android, and iOS. Then there’s PlayStation, Xbox, PWAs, etc.

PlayStation & Xbox: Console games create a camaraderie. There is an undwindling, and unparalleled love that players/gamers have. This means the player fraternity has their gala time over console games with friends and family. When it comes to Ludo game launch platforms PlayStation and Xbox stand to be the most important pillars. The gaming ecosystem, advanced interface, and hyper-focusing on the core gaming attributes.

This brings us to tell you that now the time has come when game development companies and game studios bring in and launch their platforms. At the core, it’s all about tapping into the new avenues where users are. But, it’s art and science altogether. Because you are impacting the user base, reach, market space, revenue, features, target audience, etc.

But, but, but all of this just by that one decision of yours. This means that having the best Ludo game development company by your side is important. To be precise. However, what also goes without saying is that you need to know the ABCs of choosing the right platform. This is why we have a quick handy beginner’s guide for you. Skim through the section below to learn how to choose amongst the top platforms for the Ludo game launch.

Beginners Guide: How to Choose the Right Ludo Game Platform?

Ludo game development is a process where the game gets as good as you make it. The more attention to detail, the better the returns you get to put your chips on. Which is why we have made it easier for you. Now you can choose Ludo game development platforms like a pro.

Enjoy having your cake and eating it too. Follow a simple 5-step process, and you can hire Ludo game developers and get the process started.

Step 1: Analyze and Filter Your Target Audience

It all comes down to the target audience, and your prospects in terms of users. So, this analysis helps you determine where your users are seated and placed, and which platforms they prefer. The platform they are active on becomes the best platform for you in terms of launching the Ludo game.

Step 2: Analyze & Cross-match the Platform Features

This is where you match the policies, and models with the user preferences etc. This is to ensure that the platform you choose becomes user-engaging.

Step 3: Get Into the Nitty-gritty of the Development Process

Get down to discussing the programming language, the platform capabilities, and the cost of course. This will further filter out the decision process for you.

Step 4: Go Through the Platform Offerings

Tap into the ABCs of the platforms. The core policies, feature-support and add-ons that they offer.

Step 5: Loop in With the Ludo Game Development Company

You cannot miss out on this. Leaving the art to the artist is how you carve out a masterpiece. And, with the number of Ludo games in the market, you need your Ludo game to stand apart.

Build the Best Games

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Wrapping up!

Downloads of Ludo games are topping the roof. But, this nowhere suggests that users are even next to overwhelmed with the game. And, why would that be, when top Ludo game development companies are leaving no stone unturned? Also, when it comes to Ludo games there is no second thought to the fact that there is no second thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best platforms for launching a Ludo game?

There are a few Ludo gaming platforms that sum up to be one of the best. Like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc. But, with that, there are other platforms like Amazon, Samsung stores, PWAs, etc. Also, core platforms like Playstation, etc can be considered as some of the best platforms. However, ultimately it all comes down to your Ludo game offerings, target audience, etc.

How do I choose the right platform for my Ludo game?

A couple of non-negotiable factors help you choose the right platform for launching Ludo games. Besides this, you can also get in touch with top Ludo game development companies who can help you. But, to be precise here the platform offerings, target audience, revenue models, policies and cost are some of the factors. Like at Yudiz, we have a comprehensive process where we assist the clients in navigating through the decision process with experts.

What are the costs associated with launching a Ludo game on different platforms?

Cost is a variable that depends on the particulars, aspects and factors chosen by the client. It all depends on the development fees, the platform you choose, the revenue models chosen. With that app maintenance, personalization if any will also affect the cost.

Can I launch my Ludo game on both mobile and desktop platforms?

Yes, you can. But, again for that of course you need to hire Ludo game developers that host adequate expertise and experience. Launching a Ludo game on both mobile and desktop platforms is possible with development tools like Unity and Unreal engines etc.

How can I monetize my Ludo game across different platforms?

Monetizing Ludo games and launching Ludo games is the modern approach. One can monetize the Ludo games in multiple ways. This includes affiliate marketing, in-app advertisement, offering premium features etc. Also, exclusive offers, in-app purchases etc are how one can generate revenue additionally on their Ludo games.

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