Posted on 17 Jan, 2024

Data Research Analyst

3+ Years

Job Summary:

We are seeking a proficient and detail-oriented Data Research Analyst to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for gathering and analyzing data from various sources, primarily focused on B2B and B2C campaigns. Proficiency in CRM systems, expertise in job portals, and strong LinkedIn Sales Navigator skills are essential for success in this role.


  • Utilize CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Zoho to manage and analyze data effectively.
  • Proficiently navigate and utilize job portals like Upwork, PPH, and others to collect and extract relevant data.
  • Gather and organize B2B and B2C campaign data based on specified parameters.
  • Demonstrate excellent skills in LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify and extract pertinent
  • Employ direct cell number identification tools and techniques for comprehensive data acquisition.


  • Proven experience working with CRM systems, particularly HubSpot and Zoho.
  • Proficiency in using job portals like Upwork, PPH, or similar platforms for data sourcing.
  • Demonstrable expertise in gathering and analyzing B2B and B2C campaign data based on specific parameters.
  • Strong command of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for data extraction and analysis.
  • Familiarity with tools and methodologies for finding direct cell numbers.

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