Posted on 31 Jan, 2023

Database Administrator

6+ years


  • Make decisions and resolve issues regarding objectives and operations of the fleet assets in the database management area to meet business objectives
  • Prepare reports on database scalability and capacity planning as needed.
  • Lead team to achieve objectives.
  • Interpret and develop policies and procedures for functions with low to moderate complexity within scope of responsibility.
  • Mentor and guide talent development of direct reports and assist in hiring talent.
  • Work closely with the product development team from the design phase of application & throughout their Agile development journey, the future enhancements & releases
  • Participate in the application stress/load test & proactively identify & resolve the DB performance (batch/OLTP) issues that can potentially breach the SLA’s when the code moves to production
  • Highlight the new DB features to the product teams that could be used in the application as future enhancements & releases
  • Support the Database Migration, Upgrades as part of Technology Life Cycle Management to be compliant with organization standards
  • Provide DB Capacity Analysis & provide insights to product teams on future storage & hardware requirements based on the current data growth & overall performance
  • Identify aging data, propose/develop/implement data archiving, purging & partitioning solutions to manage the data growth
  • Handling Database/Schema Refreshes for the lower database environments
  • Understand the RTO/RPO requirements for the application & databases to define the database backup and restore policy
  • Managing Database Security Audit violations & resolving them
  • DB User/Access/Roles management
  • Troubleshooting & fixing production DB/SQL performance issues
  • Providing Oncall support, working with vendor on DB issues, bugs & provide solution
  • Schedule and Co-ordinate various maintenance activities with Support teams.
  • Collaborate and influence all levels of professionals including more experienced managers.
  • Work on any new DB technology/new-features, POC requirements from application team
  • Help the application team in migrating their databases to public cloud (AWS).
  • Establish performance standards, evaluate performance, train, and mentor team.
  • Evaluate the database configuration and processes according to established policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for process improvement and risk control development.

Required Qualifications:

  • 6+ years of DBA experience on SQL or NoSQL DB with performance Tuning
  • 4+ years of experience in managing other databases like MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresDB & RDS on AWS.
  • Hands on experience with NoSQL/Document databases and their administration.
  • Experience on automation using any programming or scripting language.
  • Should have at least one RDBMS certification.
  • Hands on experience with Always on and High availability DBs.
  • Hands in with SQL and NoSQL Database.
  • Excellent understanding of the MongoDB installation, configuration, maintenance, security and audit logging.
  • Experience with performance tuning and managing 1TB of Data
  • Experience in backup/recovery procedures.
  • Good understanding on Access Methods, Joins, different Indexes & its usage, Index scans, interpreting EXECUTION PLANS, Table/Index Statistics, Histograms, wait events etc
  • Strong on PL/SQL Programming.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Problem solving and good analytical skills
  • Communication, teamwork and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work in tight deadlines under pressure
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing business/technology requirements
  • A sense of ownership that drives quality in everything you do
  • A forward-looking attitude that keeps you aware of the latest in database & cloud technology space.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • AWS/Azure/OCI cloud Certified
  • Working experience on Snowflake Cloud Datawarehouse DB
  • Python Programming for Automation for building dashboards
  • Basic knowledge on Tableau/PowerBI for reporting.


  • Finished Bachelors or Masters in Software Engineering.
  • Preferred: BE/ B. Tech. / MCA / MSc. / BSc

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