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vr in medical healthcare

VR in Medical Healthcare

VR training in healthcare ensures risk-free surgery procedures by allowing professionals to minimize the possibilities of error during real-time operations.

vr in education

VR in Education

VR training models create room for an immersive and interactive collaborative abode fostering an environment for learning. Our VR training solutions deliver exposure empowering them with real-life knowledge.

vr in corporate training

VR in Corporate training

Now you can train your teams in an immersive environment with effective cross-team collaboration. Help your corporate teams gain real-life exposure and skills.

vr simulations in machinery training

VR simulations in machinery training

An increasingly valuable tool for optimizing the operational procedure of your machines with familiarized Virtual Reality training.

vr in the manufacturing industry

VR in the manufacturing industry

VR can deliver safe environments for training and equipment maintenance. Our custom VR training simulators allow employees to troubleshoot and repair their internal issues in virtual simulations.

vr robotics & automation

VR for safety training

VR is an ideal approach for analyzing potential threats, hazards or any unprecedented situations.

VR for aviation

VR simulations are crucial for pilot training and conducting aircraft operations and maintenance. With our VR simulators, you can train your pilots to conduct emergency drills from a virtual cockpit in a safe and controlled VR environment.

vr for construction and real estate

VR for construction and real estate

Our custom VR solutions allow efficient training for the construction site workers facilitating them to follow safety procedures under a secure virtual environment.

vr for military and defense

VR for military and defense

Our VR solutions create realistic simulations to conduct military operations efficiently. With our solutions, you can train your militants to cope up with unprecedented scenarios.

Delivering exceptional service to amplify your training

Our dedicated team of VR developers has the expertise to serve industries of all niches. From healthcare to manufacturing industries, we assist our clients in identifying their training gaps and bridge them with our scalable VR solutions.


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Integrated VR solutions with modern features

Hyperrealistic 3D environment

Our VR training simulators facilitate smooth hand and body rigging eliminating the need for controllers. Delivering seamless virtual space, it creates a hyper-realistic and immersive life-like world.

Real-time analytics with feedback

We perform real-time monitoring that delivers meaningful insights to elevate trainee performance.

Life-like interaction

We incorporate elements that encourage the trainee to understand the dynamics of an unprecedented situation and respond efficiently to improve his performance and eventually his skills.

Multi-User Collaboration

We design our VR simulations to foster team collaboration and improve the dynamics of your team by replicating real-life scenarios. This enhances the learning curve by allowing team members to communicate with each other and make informed decisions accordingly.

Comfort centric design

Are you tired of wearing those heavy VR headsets for hours? Our VR simulators ease your training process with lightweight VR headsets. Our VR headset is designed to streamline your training process and make it hassle-free.

Customized Hardware

We design customized hardware more to streamline the training process with your unique business concerns. Based on your specific industry niche, We build custom hardware to facilitate an impeccable user experience.

Emerging technologies for Digital excellence

VR training simulations are all about creating real-life experiences like never before. It creates a replica of immersive training solutions that surpasses the limitations of the traditional training program.

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Why Choose Yudiz VR Training and Simulations?

As a leading VR training development company, our dedicated is determined to revamp Training simulation solutions through accelerated workforce productivity and efficiency.

adaptive learning

Adaptive learning

VR training solutions are all about making accurate and informed decisions in real-life scenarios so you can empower your workforce.

extensive research approach

Extensive research approach

Our solutions are backed by extensive research of the market, technology, and industries belonging to various niches.

customer centric approach

Customer-centric approach

Our team collects all the business requirements and builds products that are the best fit for their business concerns.

top 3% talent

Top 3% talent

We hire top-tier talent and ensure they have a wide exposure catering to all industry niches from healthcare to the manufacturing industry.

Process we follow

initial consultation

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

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design and development

Design and Development

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Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

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Implementation and Ongoing Support

Unlock your path to interactive learning
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What our clients say !

“They have knowledge and communication skills in-house, and it’s at the right price point. Delighted with Yudiz Solutions’ work and attention to detail; the app hasn’t crashed since it launched. The team’s project management is outstanding; they’re very responsive and consistently deliver ahead of time. Their breadth of knowledge and communication skills stand out. ”

Director, Furrypeeps Ltd.

Horsham, United Kingdom

“Their commitment to the project stood out. They launched the game with no issues. Yudiz Solutions Ltd. is a dedicated partner who won’t rest until they’ve met their obligations and seen the project succeed. ”

Secret Passage Studios.

New York City, New York

“They provided professional work with a can-do attitude and took the extra step to help us realize our projects.Yudiz Solutions Ltd.’s services enabled the internal staff to focus on their clients more. The team went above and beyond to ensure project success. They took a collaborative approach, working with provided briefs and specs to deliver results. ”

Tim Deusseen, Studio Deussen

Berlin, Germany

“I appreciate that they’re always available and can have fun while working. Although Yudiz Solutions is still a young team, they’re receptive to feedback and have grown considerably over time. They adapt quickly to established processes and can work well independently and with other vendors.”

Founder, Divigner Designs

Hackensack, New Jersey

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the core benefits of VR training solutions?

The core benefits of hiring VR training solutions are as follows:-

  • Interactive learning environment
  • Real-life exposure 
  • Enhanced Workforce productivity & skills 
  • Cost-savvy solution replicating traditional training
  • Smarter decision-making in real-life scenarios.


2. What are the types of VR training solutions?

The type of VR training solutions is subjective to your specific industry requirements. However, there are several VR scalable solutions you can build according to your custom needs. A few of them include:

  • Fully Immersive – In this type of solution, the entire body movements are tracked rigorously. The approach consists of hardware requirements, like haptic gloves to keep a tab at all the moments in a 360-degree environment. Adding more components will deliver a real-life experience.
  • Semi-immersive – In a semi-immersive Virtual Reality training solution, physical hardware is built to simulate real-like environments. For instance, a replica of a real-world cockpit is created by using both the hardware and virtual environment to facilitate this.
  • No immersive – In the non-immersive environment, there is a 2D virtual space where multiple players interact with each other. The trainees operate in a virtual environment to conduct their tasks through their screens.


3. What is the ideal cost of developing VR training solutions?

The ideal cost of creating depends upon your niche. The VR training development costs depend upon the complexity of your projects, the level of interactivity, immersiveness, and the features add-ons with Hardware customization you want to incorporate in your training process. 

However, to get an accurate figure you can consult our business executive team. Hire our team of VR experts to gain a grip on your VR training project. Our VR developers can create a strategic roadmap to streamline your training process.

4. How can VR training solutions be useful for my organization?

You can replace your expensive traditional training method by replicating it with our VR training simulators to deliver a seamless training process in a secure environment. Not only is this a highly flexible approach, but it also amps the training process whether a trainee is at a beginner stage or an intermediate level he can upskill himself.

With our highly advanced VR training development approach, you can amplify your training efforts for enhanced results.

  • Cost-efficient approach- VR is undeniably a cost-effective approach allowing flexibility and collaborative abode of multiple teams to connect and collaborate across any location. VR training facilitates remote accessibility.
  • Constant upskills – The workforce of all levels can upgrade their skills delivering an environment for consistent upgradation of their skills.
  • Training at every level of expertise – In virtual reality training programs, you can train employees at every level of expertise by leveling up their training program instantaneously.
  • Amplified business productivity – The performance of your workforce is equivalent to your business growth. That’s why it’s crucial to opt for the appropriate VR training development company

5. How can I choose a well-established VR training and simulation company?

You can opt for a VR training development company by evaluating your KPIs and the goal of your training process initiatives. Yudiz is a prominent player and a leading VR training and simulation development company. We have developed and deployed scalable VR training solutions for industries of all niches. We have a team of 450+ technocrats determined to assist in elevating your training initiatives. We have expertise for 14+ years in integrated raging technologies to streamline your business process.

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