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Our solutions for Integrating Virtual Reality In Healthcare

VR Training Solution

VR Training Solution

Rooting on all things immersive, our VR training solutions are the epitome of validated, safe, transformative 3D modeling with simulation scenarios. VR training solutions is the modern approach entailing multi-user customizable simulated VR training. Get a conglomerate of tech centric and user efficient VR healthcare solutions by Yudiz.

XR Medical Training Model

XR Medical Training Model

If a one size fits all yet a futuristic healthcare training model is your requirement. Deploy our XR medical training model, a multidimensional, realistic and immersive model designed to cater a myriad of healthcare applications on a single front. Leverage our expert built XR model fueled on MR, VR and AR for your overall healthcare needs.

Multiplayer VR Healthcare Solution

Multiplayer VR Healthcare Solution

For remote collaborations in a promising 3D virtual environment for facilitative surgical training and medical simulations count on our multiplayer VR healthcare solution. An immersive training platform leveraged via motion controller and VR headsets is designed to equip the clients with effective and realistic collaborative training.

VR Surgical Training Solutions

VR Surgical Training Solutions

A rapid, immersive and cost-efficient path to dodge catastrophic human errors in healthcare is a need of the hour. Our VR solutions for healthcare are designed and developed to accelerate surgeon efficiency, provide multi-user virtual surgery and allow your users to host virtual surgery remotely.

VR Anatomy

VR Anatomy

Looking for a highly intuitive and interactive virtual reality space to decode, learn and impart consultation on anatomy? Our VR anatomy solutions are developed to deliver a par excellence 3D model of the human body on a realistic on an ultra realistic VR space.

Custom VR Healthcare Solution

Custom VR Healthcare Solution

Our seasoned VR developers at Yudiz have mastered the technical art of developing tailored solutions that use virtual reality in medicine and surgery related practices. A purpose driven software and agile solution that rightly adheres to the client’s requirements. A comprehensive suite of leverages on a 3D environment.

Offering Excellence via Advanced VR Training & Consultation

At Yudiz, developing smart and avant garde VR solutions for healthcare training stands as our core offerings. Accelerate your healthcare ecosystem with VR Medical training solutions. Tap into the pool of leverages via our immersive VR medical training solutions. Offer stellar and ultra immersive clinical training.


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Unlock Smart Suite of Benefits via our VR Healthcare Training Solutions

Immersive & Remote Consultation

VR in healthcare dismisses the geographical barriers by positioning immersive and realistic training scenarios.Get quality centric VR solutions designed to polish up and add up to the decision making, live-learning & remote healthcare consultation without any impediments.

Realistic Simulation & Emergency Care

Our solutions are crafted to deliver accurate and immersive communication, collaborative training sessions & effective timely responses for emergency care. VR in medicine and surgery can help your staff collaborate with global experts in a risk-free learning environment.

Immersive Clinical Trial

For real-time learning, testing & participating in clinical trials. All you need is VR healthcare solutions by Yudiz. It is crafted to dodge the time consuming traditional clinical trials & tap into the cost-effective rapid solutions that offer seamless immersive clinical trials.

Improved Patient Care

With an upper hand over improved healthcare training via our VR solutions. Improved patient care can be your forte. Right from real-time assistance, accurate responses and professional immersive training our solutions are.

Accelerated VR Training

If you aim to access the modern VR immersive healthcare training, hire VR developers at Yudiz. Claim the dynamic VR Healthcare training services via our seamless smart, stellar feature and future rich solutions.


The primary benefit of using Virtual reality in medicine is making your entire ecosystem cost-efficient. Through immersive tech you explore budget specific options and cost effective training as well as practical medicinal related solutions.

Technologies that Foster Excellence

Leverage our VR healthcare app development prowess foundationed on top-notch tech-stack. At Yudiz, our solutions are developed on a streaming synergy of Expertise x Emerging Technologies x Digital Innovation. Ever wondered what goes into alpha pioneering VR healthcare Solutions? Check the powering tech-stack below!

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unreal engine
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visual studio code
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steam vr
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deep ar

Why Choose Our VR Healthcare Training Solutions?

We at Yudiz incorporate agile methodologies & accentuated ARV/VR training aspects. Right from virtual diagnostics, VR for mental healthcare, pain management, surgery to standard therapists our futuristic VR healthcare training solutions cater to unique requirements.


Avant Garde VR Healthcare Solutions

As one of the veteran VR development companies developing user-centric and client-oriented solutions stands as our core principle at Yudiz. Avant Garde VR Healthcare Solutions is synonymous with Yudiz.

expert’s choice

Expert’s Choice

Offering excellence in the realm of VR healthcare training and consultation solutions has driven the experts to choose our futuristic solutions.


Committed to Quality

We thrive to develop and deliver solutions that are dynamic, innovative and digitally resilient. Our commitment towards developing quality solutions helps the clients to deliver impactful services.


Agile & Collaborative

It is within our approach and framework of development to craft, design and develop solutions which are innovative, disruptive and roots on agile & collaborative approach.

Process we follow

initial consultation

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

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design and development

Design and Development

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Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

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Implementation and Ongoing Support

Access Immersive Surgical Simulation via our stellar VR Healthcare Training Solutions!

What our clients say !

“They have knowledge and communication skills in-house, and it’s at the right price point. Delighted with Yudiz Solutions’ work and attention to detail; the app hasn’t crashed since it launched. The team’s project management is outstanding; they’re very responsive and consistently deliver ahead of time. Their breadth of knowledge and communication skills stand out. ”

Director, Furrypeeps Ltd.

Horsham, United Kingdom

“Their commitment to the project stood out. They launched the game with no issues. Yudiz Solutions Ltd. is a dedicated partner who won’t rest until they’ve met their obligations and seen the project succeed. ”

Secret Passage Studios.

New York City, New York

“They provided professional work with a can-do attitude and took the extra step to help us realize our projects.Yudiz Solutions Ltd.’s services enabled the internal staff to focus on their clients more. The team went above and beyond to ensure project success. They took a collaborative approach, working with provided briefs and specs to deliver results. ”

Tim Deusseen, Studio Deussen

Berlin, Germany

“I appreciate that they’re always available and can have fun while working. Although Yudiz Solutions is still a young team, they’re receptive to feedback and have grown considerably over time. They adapt quickly to established processes and can work well independently and with other vendors.”

Founder, Divigner Designs

Hackensack, New Jersey

Frequently asked questions

1. What are Medical illustrations used for?

To understand what medical illustrations are you first need to understand what it includes. Medical illustrations include surgical illustrations, anatomical illustrations, and medical diagrams. Further, coming to what they are used for is quite simple. They are used to give access to a visual representation of the human body  and medical representations. These are primarily used for:

  • Practicing medical training.
  • Educational purposes.
  • Performing surgical practices by the medical professionals to further train, collaborate or communicate for emergency care.

2. What different types of training scenarios can virtual reality in healthcare offers?

The realm of VR in healthcare is going panoramic and further the adaptability is growing in more ways than one. Coming to the types of VR healthcare training scenario it is quite varied and includes:

  • Virtual diagnostic procedures
  • Immersive surgical simulations
  • Interactive & Realistic Surgical Collaborations
  • Virtual emergency care with advanced help

3. Is use of technology like VR in medicine and surgery practices safe to rely on?

The safety concerns on this can be a question but again when it comes to figuring out the VR healthcare safety parameters. These are the factors you need to consider:

  • Risk-free virtual environment for Medical Practitioners
  • Virtual Patient Care Protocols
  • Maintained Confidentiality 
  • Ancillary Security Protocols

4. Is it possible to customize VR healthcare training solutions?

Yes, customizing the VR healthcare solutions is possible. Further it depends on the VR development company you choose. However, at Yudiz we do offer Custom VR healthcare solutions designed and tailored to client’s needs. If you require a customized VR healthcare solution that hosts real-time data to accelerate decision making, multi-dimensional surgical simulations, remote collaboration to everything under the VR healthcare training ambit and more. All you need to do is connect with our expert team of developers and pitch your idea to creation.

5. How much does it cost to integrate VR in healthcare?

Development cost is a subjective matter as there are a few aspects that impact the cost. From complexity of the solution, to unique requirements and even customization affects the cost. On top of that, the stack of features, high-end or basic, also impacts the cost. To be precise the cost depends and differs according to the project.

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