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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

Students can freely move around in a spatial environment designed by our skilled AR VR developers . This can help them gain tremendous insights about any topic they want to learn.

3d data visualization

3D Data Visualization

VR for the classroom can break down complex structures through which understanding information becomes convenient, moreover it directly affects the ability of the user to make fast decisions.

interactive learning content

Interactive Learning Content

Our designers have the ability to fabricate the best interactive learning content elevating the usefulness of VR technology in education. It empowers students as the content is convenient and highly immersive making it a guiding path to success and knowledge.

interactive storytelling solutions

Interactive Storytelling Solutions

Children, students, and learners need to adapt to the fast challenging world full of information. Interactive storytelling enabled by AR VR in education helps through immersive data visualization and empower them to connect the dots easily.

immersive ar vr based gamification

Immersive AR VR based Gamification

We combine our years of experience in game development services with AR VR educational technology to fabricate an ecosystem with high graphically intense and interactive qualities. Consult our experts to learn and gain more information.

kinesthetic realism based ar vr experience

Kinesthetic Realism based AR VR Experience

We blend the aspects of movement, perception, and innovative technology. We create an ecosystem of AR VR for classroom students to interact with virtual objects using tools, gestures, and movements. Learn more about Kniesthetic realism, consult our experts today.

ar vr training and simulations solutions

AR VR Training and Simulations Solutions

Whether you have a user base of aspiring students, a taskforce or industry specific employees looking to upskill. Our AR VR Educational solutions can help them to upgrade their skill efficiently, with practical knowledge and in a cost effective manner.

spatial mapping and localization

Spatial Mapping and Localization

The concept plays a crucial role in overlaying digital information onto the real world without disrupting user experience. It offers us to develop, design and launch amazing solutions crafted through integrating AR VR in education practices.

Synergizing Technologies for Future Generation

Our Aim as a contributor in this tech-driven world is to synergize modern technologies and help foster innovation. Gamifying the education sector using VR technology empower us to reach a step closer to our goal.


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Benefits of Integrating AR VR Solutions in Ed-tech

Immersive Learning

VR for education is all about creating an immersive learning environment to help students adopt new-gen learning. Hence AR VR's immersivity helps them to upgrade their skills effectively.

Interactive Activities

The AR VR educational material increases students’ grasping knowledge. This increases their ability to break down complex lessons without compromising their convenience.

Conceptual Understanding

Using AR VR in education helps students to break complex concepts into more engaging bits. This increases the adaptive rate of students allowing them to gain clear understanding.

Remote Collaboration

For further clear understanding and diving deep, students can remotely collaborate with their friends from anywhere and at any time using our AR VR educational solutions.

Sensory Learning

Kinetics elements pave the path for students to approach learning from unique methods. Integrating VR solutions for the education industry increases our ability to learn a concept using sensory learning.

Cost effectiveness

AR and VR technology can reduce the cost of operation in various areas for the learning sector. Labs, site visit, areas where practicality is the focus. VR and AR can make learning more accessible.

Our AR VR Tech-Stack

We leverage technologies that have set prestigious standards in their respective niches. Our aim is to help institutes, who opt technology like AR VR for education, conveniently adapt and smartly capitalize on it.

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Why partner with Yudiz?

Let us help you achieve truly a transformation learning experience with our AR VR educational solutions. The students of tomorrow deserve a modern platform to innovate and grow, empower them to leverage the best of technologies with Yudiz.


Agile Methodologies

Following the ideal scrum framework, we focus on integrating agile methodologies in our project development and business process.

collaborative approach

Collaborative Approach

Yudiz has a team full of like minded individuals who are driven by passion, understand your demands, and commit to quality results.

expert consultation

Expert Consultation

Our promoters and leaders have vast industry knowledge to guide the fresh and bright minds developing your project.

scaling solutions

Scaling Solutions

We aim to develop scaling solutions through synergizing state of the art technologies and empower solutions of AR VR for education.

Process we follow

initial consultation

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

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design and development

Design and Development

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Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

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Implementation and Ongoing Support

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Hear What Our Client Says

“They have knowledge and communication skills in-house, and it’s at the right price point. Delighted with Yudiz Solutions’ work and attention to detail; the app hasn’t crashed since it launched. The team’s project management is outstanding; they’re very responsive and consistently deliver ahead of time. Their breadth of knowledge and communication skills stand out. ”

Director, Furrypeeps Ltd.

Horsham, United Kingdom

“Their commitment to the project stood out. They launched the game with no issues. Yudiz Solutions Ltd. is a dedicated partner who won’t rest until they’ve met their obligations and seen the project succeed. ”

Secret Passage Studios.

New York City, New York

“They provided professional work with a can-do attitude and took the extra step to help us realize our projects.Yudiz Solutions Ltd.’s services enabled the internal staff to focus on their clients more. The team went above and beyond to ensure project success. They took a collaborative approach, working with provided briefs and specs to deliver results. ”

Tim Deusseen, Studio Deussen

Berlin, Germany

“I appreciate that they’re always available and can have fun while working. Although Yudiz Solutions is still a young team, they’re receptive to feedback and have grown considerably over time. They adapt quickly to established processes and can work well independently and with other vendors.”

Founder, Divigner Designs

Hackensack, New Jersey

Frequently asked questions

1. How can AR/VR benefit your students' learning experience?

Empowering students through Augmented reality and virtual reality learning techniques uses peculiar qualities. These features allow students to explore educational material in great depth and interact with it skillfully. Such integration of modern technologies upgrade students’ ability to understand, make decisions, and comfortably adapt to real life situations. A practical environment that can replicate real life scenarios has the potential to change the way students comprehend knowledge.

2. What types of AR VR educational solutions does Yudiz offer?

Yudiz allows you to integrate our solutions leveraging augmented reality and virtual reality in education and learning practices. It includes virtual classrooms, interactive simulations, immersive learning experiences, and personalized training modules. For exploring more of our diverse suite of services consult our experts.

3. Cost of developing an AR VR educational solution?

The cost of any solution when integrating AR VR tech depends on the scale of the solution. There are complexities associated with every solution and our BDE and BAs are ready to decipher them for your benefits.

4. How do you ensure users safety, privacy and security when it comes to AR and VR in education?

We practice full compliance with industry standards and regulations. Yudiz does not want their users to feel insecure about their data being used in an unwanted manner against their will.

5. Do you ensure the quality and educational value of your AR/VR content?

Our BDE team approaches subject matter experts and educators who are leading the edu-tech industry. Every solution the people at Yudiz craft, they make sure to complete their research first and then step towards next phases of development. We aim at developing the safest and most entertaining VR AR educational solutions for your institute. 

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