Are you longing for your app to be interactive ?

User experience is something similar to visit to a grocery stores. If the sufficient stock is not available the customer will not be pleased. A pleasant time and hassle free deal is what the user is expecting anywhere. In the same way a app design should be responsive in the way that it is appealing to the users. Content should be well categorized. Here are some things to look for developing a future friendly app:

All devices should be able to provide similar experience

The design of the app should be consistent in all the devices. If the user experiences varied design of the app in different devices then he/she would turn it off immediately. No matter the type of gadget used by the user the viewing experience should remain the same. A seamless experience across devices helps in retaining users and visitors with the brand recall.

Ease of navigation in app

The main intention of pleasant user experience is to direct their user attention to the content. The design should be in the way that it holds the reader. The content of the app should be very well categorized and classified. This classification helps in easy seamless navigation in the website. A user friendly navigation system is designed to attract visitors to their intended space. They should be able to reach there in minimum amount of clicks as possible. Information should be easy to locate in the app.

Highlight important words as a focalpoint

Reader will scan the whole app page and he is not going to read the whole of it. If the visitor is keen on finding the particular content on the app page then it is essential to divert the user to his search. This will help the user to obtain what he/she actually desire for.

The focal point of the app page should be an image. User attention will get directed first towards the image. As a result the user will come to know where the actual content is located.

Better functioning of Links and Buttons

If the user does not get what he wants then he gets frustrated. Visitors expect every link to redirect them to important content pages and not a 404 error. Visual elements need to suggest cohesively about their action and should indicate likewise. For instance, links that look clickable should be clickable, or else the visitor will find it irritating.

Hand over the entire browsing experience to the user

Do not include auto-play videos in your website content. Browsing experience has been snatched away from users with locked scrolling bar. The app should be in total control of the user in terms of browsing and movement throughout the app. The app can be called as in total functioning if it is in total control of the user. There should be right balance of diversity and complexity in the app.

Keeping all this factors in mind will not only help to establish an attractive website but also an interactive one.


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

Mr. Chirag Leuva is the working director of the company and takes care of business development activity, marketing initiatives, and client relationship. His enthusiasm towards helping start-ups to reach heights of success is noteworthy. He started taking initiative to expand the business since 2009. His passion involves public speaking and creating effective business strategies. As a logical and intuitive person, he works toward achieving business objectives efficiently.
“A calculated risk is what defines a successful business!”

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