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Project Overview

With families bonding over online games, the game called Housie also known as Bingo or Tambola is a household name now. This application lets players create their tickets and compete for a range of possible prizes starting from four corners to individual rows to a full Housie.


Client Background

Our client loves sport and all things around it. They are determined to change the gaming market of India by producing games that promote fantasy sports and aim to engage their audience in a new and competitive spirit.

Business Needs

After the successful launch of our client’s fantasy sports application which was developed by Yudiz Solutions, we also worked on the idea of bringing the live experience of a housie game popularly known as Bingo or Tambola to users’ mobile phones. The game was created to test the general knowledge and skill of the players while maintaining the fun.


The Challenge

The Housie game includes many rules and techniques which are to be taken care of during the development. Generating tickets for the matches while keeping in mind the rules of it was challenging for our development team. Also, logic and algorithm for each winning pattern included in the application were decided after a series of Research & Development carried out by our in-house Android developers.

Also, features like equal cash prize distribution between multiple winners, ticket-buying options, and proper positioning of numbers in a custom Housie ticket came as an obstacle for our app development team.

Our Solution

As the best Software development company, we had multiple discussions with our client and ran through various algorithms to choose the best one. The android application is developed using Kotlin programming language which ensures code safety and Firebase is used for sending push notifications and reminders so players do not miss out on any upcoming contests.

The application provides the option to the players to either buy or select tickets from the pre-designed ones or to create a ticket of their choice. Then, they can enter contests and keep on canceling out numbers as they answer the questions correctly asked by the admin. The application provides a leaderboard that lists the position of all the players and the admin distributes the winning amount equally among the winners.


Key Outcomes

  • This application allows users to create their contests and earn money from them.
  • It is one of a kind application that tests the general knowledge of the players.
  • An easy to use application that makes it more user friendly and open to all age groups.
  • Equal distribution of prize money by admin among the Housie winners ensures there are no conflicts among the participants.