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Project Overview

During these unprecedented times, we all turned towards technology to fulfill our needs. Whether it was education, shopping, or connecting with loved ones, there is now an app for everything. Then why is there not an app for searching and recognizing true talent?

DigiKiki is the biggest virtual platform made for individuals to record and present their unique talent to the world in the form of videos. The viewers can like, comment, and promote their favorite artists’ videos with their followers and make them shine.


Client Background

The client is an Indian startup that is in the entertainment industry looking to provide an opportunity to anyone regardless of wherever one comes from.

Business Needs

The client had already used many social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or Tiktok but wanted to go a step further and develop an application for the sole purpose of finding and bringing the best talent to the world. Every addition to the platform goes through various voting stages by the audience to choose the best talent. The aim was to create the biggest virtual platform for any skill.


The Challenge

Since this application is a video-sharing platform, every video shared must be of high quality and compatible with all devices. One of the biggest challenges we faced was integrating a good video player and along with it came video processing and compression. Our App development team conducted Research & Development to find a tool that could manage videos easily and help develop this media application with ease.

The client was eager to release the app into the market as soon as possible thus we initially had limited time for the design and development of the application.

Our Solution

We, as a mobile application development company, work closely with the client and turn their idea into reality. As this application is video-centered, we used a library called FFmpeg that can record, convert, and stream digital audio and video in numerous formats. The video player is customized to support videos of a specific duration with varied effects.

Some features of this application are:

  • It lets the user create and upload videos with a duration of 60 seconds.
  • Videos uploaded can be of any category.
  • The videos can be edited using various filters and effects present on the application.
  • Talent search tab to help users discover and watch most liked videos
  • Videos can be shared on the platform as well as on the user’s other social media accounts.

Key Outcomes

  •  It’s the first of its kind application solely based on recognizing true talent.
  • The app promotes and appreciates skills like calligraphy, crafting, tattoo art, magic art, puzzle-solving, wood art, and many others.
  • The application’s functionality with interactive UI/UX makes it a preferable choice for users across India.