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Key Concepts Involved in Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots used by enterprises are made of fundamentally AI ML components. The components power the whole function to understand your users and respond to them evaluating their intent clearly. Between users providing a request and the technology providing the response there are multiple layers of process that take place. Lets understand them so you can underline the impact that they make for your business.

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data collection and processing

Data Collection and Processing

Yudiz collect data from various sources while maintaining complete legal compliance. It is collected from online forums, customer logs and scripts, used for training the Chatbot model.

  • Relevancy with Privacy
  • Content Normalization
  • Intent Labeling
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natural language understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Developers work on a model to understand the intent behind every text using various algorithms and techniques. Necessary to extract meanings from your users input for better quality.

  • Intent Classification
  • Entity Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
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Content Management

Content Management

Even when you have data, a certain flow for every Chatbots we develop. The flow impactfully creates a logical loop between users and the chatbot your business utilizes.

  • Contextual Operations
  • Maintaining Conversation State
  • Quick and Rational Responses
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Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation

Personalization of the content is an essential step. Your users need to feel they are having conversations with humans. Here both context and user input crucial impacts the whole process.

  • Use of ML Models
  • Predefined Templates
  • Utilize existing response
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integration with external systems

Integration with External Systems

Now to access relevant real time data we integrate the conversation AI with your external system. It opens the Chatbots to experiences and helps it to perform actionable functions.

  • API integration
  • Connecting to CRM systems
  • Leveraging third-party services
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Features of Our Conversational AI

Conversational AI Chatbots have the ability to bring out efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity for your business while handling customers at large scale. Apart from such advantages the technology boasts a wide range of benefits as mentioned below.

voice Voice and Speech Recognition
omnichannel Omnichannel Communications
handling Handling unexpected user inputs
personalized Personalized Interactions
rich Rich Media Integration
reporting Reporting and Analytics
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Industries Conversational AI Empowers

  • Customer Support Service
  • Ed-Tech
  • Enterprise Chatbots
  • Entertainment
  • Government Services
Industries We serve

Customer Support Service

Conversational AI chatbots have transformed how your users interact. Stating their problems and getting quick responses have shifted to a modern content tree bridging the gap between organizations and users effectively. 

  • Health Care Support
  • Smart Support in Fin-Tech
  • Personal Support in Hospitality
  • Virtual Assistants in E-Commerce
customer support service
Industries We serve


Students need a personal tutor to understand and break-down those complex concepts in great detail. Here smart conversational artificial intelligence can help them to excel without facing major setbacks.

  • Personalized Learning
  • One-to-one Guidance
  • Progress Tracking
  • Material Recommendations
ed tech
Industries We serve

Enterprise Chatbots

An organization of massive scale always finds itself in a mess while resolving employee queries. Our human resource Chatbots can streamline those tasks and help employees to understand rules, regulation, and help with their professional development.

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Robust Time-Management
  • Training and Development
enterprise chatbots
Industries We serve


Operating in two primary ways, a chatbot in the entertainment industry can be utilized as a personal movie recommendation expert and as an interactive story teller. The recommendations are backed by sentiment analytics and those stories will be highly unique as it is fabricated keeping user experience in mind.

  • Speech to Text Translation
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Smart Content Recommendations
  • AI Assistance for Content Creation
Industries We serve

Government Services

The most user data centric sector is the government domain. It needs security, legal compliance, and most importantly an 24/7 help desk for government programs, process, application and documentation. Our chatbot can clear all those corners and perform multi-channel functional while maintaining the streamlined conversation. 

  • Information Chatbots
  • Transactional Chatbots
  • Educational Chatbots
  • Constituent Service Chatbots
government services
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Empower Your Business with Conversational AI Bots

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What our clients say !

The team of talent and experts this company incorporates is simply amazing. Their strategic approach to provide solutions and quick deployment made it easy for us to scale without friction.

David Forester USA

I think their commitment to rationally reach the goal is just. It's one thing to draft ideas on the papers but to have the expertise to make them reality. And Yudiz always makes sure to make your idea a practical reality.

Mike Gaines USA

After considering various scenarios we partnered with Yudiz for building a conversational AI bot and I believe it was a very valuable decision. I am very quite happy with the ROI as they have a result driven approach.

Chen ame wei USA

Our company is able to streamline numerous operations by integrating their conversational AI bots. The NLP works are incredibly accurate. Great to see improvements in overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Smith Trent USA
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Success Snapshot

With world-class design for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team,
it's a no-brainer, right?

orderchat ai

OrderChat AI

OrderChat AI revolutionizes the food ordering process via mobile apps by integrating advanced conversational AI, enabling quick, accurate, and personalized order placement.

  • Menu Item Recommendations
  • Order Customization Dialogues
  • Allergen and Dietary Filters
  • Multilingual Support
  • Order Status Updates
orderchat ai
financetalk ai

FinanceTalk AI

FinanceTalk AI implements conversational AI in banking services to provide real-time financial advice, account management, and customer support, streamlining interactions and enhancing user experience.

  • Account Inquiry Handling
  • Transaction Assistance
  • Financial Advice Personalization
  • Fraud Alert Discussions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
financetalk ai
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    Frequently asked questions

    1. What can Conversational AI solutions do for my business?

    Conversational AI chatbot solutions can enhance customer service, automate responses, streamline inquiries, and personalize interactions, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    2. How much does a Conversational AI solution cost?

    Here’s how top conversation AI companies work—They will consider the scope of the project first and then process to provide a cost. The cost of a Conversational AI solution varies based on complexity, features, and scale, typically ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. This approach is also followed by Yudiz, and as a leading conversational AI solution company we make sure to provide you reliable scalable solutions.

    3. Is Conversational AI secure?

    Yes, Conversational Artificial Intelligence can be secure when implemented with robust data encryption, secure protocols, and compliance with privacy standards.

    4. Can a Conversational AI solution replace my human customer service team?

    A Conversational AI solution can supplement but not completely replace a human customer service team, handling routine queries and freeing up staff for complex issues.

    5. How easy is it to set up and maintain a Conversational AI solution?

    Setting up and maintaining a Conversational chatbot solution is relatively straightforward, especially with the support of specialized vendors who provide ongoing maintenance and updates.