Deep Linking in iOS using Firebase

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is a way to pass data to your application from any platform like, website or any other application. By tapping once on link, you can pass necessary data to your application.
By using these data application will perform operation.

It might be possible that, sometime when user does not have application on their device then you have to manage this type of situation. You have to open apple store or google play so user have option to download application.

This is the main reason we are using firebase dynamic links, you can manage these link functionality as you want. By clicking once to the link, you can navigate to iOS application or android application.

Get started

Step 1: [Create simple Xcode project]

For this demo, first create a Xcode project by selecting a template for our project Single View Application type.

Step-2 [Create a podfile and add SDK]

Open terminal and navigate to your project directory and run following command:

Open podfile and include following pod to it

Run pod install and open .xcworkspace file.

Step-3 [Setting up firebase project]

Login with your Google account and go to Firebase Console.
Click on Create Project. Enter your project name and country.

Your Firebase project has been created and you have been redirected to the dashboard. You can integrate a lot of things from this one firebase project into your app.
Select platform as iOS or whatever you want to configure from dashboard.

Enter your app bundle ID and click on Add app button.
Now Go to your firebase project setting and setup App store ID and Team ID

Team ID can be found in membership portal in developer account.
You can copy any app store ID from itunes for testing purpose. Whenever user clicks on dynamic link and if your app not install in his device, User automatically redirect to app store and after installing your app redirect to specific content in your app.
Download ‘GoogleService-Info.plist’ file and add to your project.


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