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Nowadays, Crypto games are setting a trend in the online gaming industry. These games provide great results and security with the adoption of Blockchain technology. As the name defined, it is a game of “unexpected piece of luck” where the user is rewarded with cryptocurrency on winning the game. Fluky supports a hard wallet called Trezor with an added layer of security to your crypto rewards. In Fluky, all the transactions are masked in a way that is tough to tamper in blocks of data.


The main logic of the game is developed under the hood of smart contracts so that all the transactions in the list follow similar records. As we understand the importance of every cryptocurrency transaction, it is passed through MetaMask, making it tough to break into and scaling its security. The game is based on Ether cryptocurrency rewards for the users. Ethereum platform provides a decentralized virtual system to transfer ether from one account to another. The Fluky game runs flawlessly on the device among random users across the distributed network.

Why Ethereum?

Safety and security are at the heart of Ethereum that makes censorship virtually impossible. The benefit of Ethereum is that it provides groundbreaking security in all the automated transactions between players. The fundamental design of the app makes crypto mode transactions based on Ethereum. Ethereum is a platform that takes a different approach to store data over a public ledger and also making it tamperproof on the other hand. While working on Ethereum, there are no chances of downtime. Instead, the data is always available as it is an open-source model. The decentralized system prevents the third party from altering the data.


7.7k+ Live Nodes


40M+ Unique Addresses


10B Daily A Requests by Server Infur


$1.4VB+ Daily Trading Volume


1900+ decentralized applications (dApps)


94% of top 100 blockchain project are bulit on Ethereum


250k+ developers (more than any other blockchain community)


500k+ Daily Transactions

Do you need a similar project to Fluky Games


Fluky game is developed on the edge of to implement bi-directional communication between client and server.


The client-side runs on the browser, whereas the server-side operates on Node.js. Blockchain is the technology behind the transfer of cryptocurrencies by maintaining a digital ledger with a stack of records that cannot be corrupted. By using Blockchain, we replace a central database with a decentralized structure that follows the proof of work protocols to manage crypto transactions among players.

fluky game

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