Safely Buy or Sell Vehicle Online


- Ecommerce


- Hyperledger


- Blockchain


TrustME is a mobile application for trading vehicles online with total safety and surety. The purpose of this application is to bring the buyer and seller together with zero paperwork formalities. It allows selling your vehicle and saves time from the documentation. It also takes care of the vehicle insurance policy within a few clicks. All of these operations are managed and processed through the app with instant subscription, cancellation, and refund.


When the deal between the buyer and seller closes, the contract is stored over a Blockchain. A series of such smart contracts are stored in a private Blockchain network over the Hyperledger platform. The application also solves the disputes from both the ends, that is seller and buyer. All of these transactions are performed over private Blockchain, making it secure and confidential. It simplifies your transactions with smart contracts using Blockchain Technology. The app verifies and authenticates every professional or individual user eliminating fraud payments, delivery, etc. It essentially supports three cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD.

Why Hyperledger?

TrustME is an online portal to sell and buy any products with absolutely no documentation or paperwork involved. As the project needed network ownership, the Hyperledger platform was chosen for it to keep it private.


The chain code, which is the fabric interpretation of a smart contract, is deployed on the Blockchain network. Hyperledger is a collaborative platform created to advance the cross-industry Blockchain technologies, and TrustME depends on it. The modular architecture of Hyperledger validates for an admin authorized application. It supports easy contract ownership and transfer. Hyperledger architecture maximizes the confidentiality and flexibility of Blockchain solutions. The permission Blockchain is high performing and executes itself in optimized environments. With the prime resilience level, the software can survive the system failure and assure that they do not go through low availability. It is one of the crucial factors as considering the enterprise needs and features.


Private Blockchain


Identity Management


Performance, scalability, and levels of trust


Transaction Fees-Free


Rich queries over an immutable distributed ledger


Data on a need-to-know basis


3k to 20k Transactions per second


Modular architecture supporting Plug-in components

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TrustME is a mobile application developed to sell your vehicle within few clicks and no documentation formality.


The application is developed using Blockchain technology over a private platform. Every deal closure is recorded over an open-source Hyperledger network using smart contracts. The most crucial section is to keep every transaction private among the seller and buyer to avoid conflicts. It is a combined effort of our Blockchain developers, peer-to-peer ledger, and assistive technologies forged by consensus. The application creates new transactional capabilities, accountability, and transparency among the users.