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- Php


- Laravel


Know and Explore is an event management website. The user can log in and discover the great places to hangout. Every event from the category of food, music, clubs, and play are featured on the site. The user can search by applying the filters of location, time and type of event to view the relevant events going on. Registered users can book for the event and check out to buy the tickets for the event. The QR code received via mail is used to scan at the entrance to enter the show. On the other hand, the particular organizer of the event can create an event. The dashboard shows my tickets section to understand the event stats like the total number of events of his profile, ticket sales, and audience present.


The website solutions allow the event admin user to create an event for the people and purchase a weekly package to promote tickets for the event. The event admin can view the tickets sold in a row and the number of audience present or absent at the event. The Stripe payment gateway provides a successful checkout solution for the registered user to buy a ticket for a particular show. The user can find the date and timing for the booked event. The Loqate API services are implemented for the user to find the exact location of the event or show using Google Maps.

UI/UX (Design)

The web UI offers intuitive solutions to interact with the user and event organizer. The website is designed in a way to bring smooth navigation and access to different features for the user. Tools like bootstrap and sketch bring the right front-end output of different wireframes. The UX is always dependent on the appropriate User Interface of each web layout that includes best scroll events, sliding interactions, and hover states.

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The Know and Explore project involves reliable and secure services in the favors of the event organizer and the registered users.


The website portal features the list of events that belongs to various categories. The user can create its profile and book for any venue by sorting out the event place and type. The back-end logic code plays a crucial role to display the number of events that fall in the search query. The event manager creates an event for the audience and tracks down the process of ticket sales and checkout system.

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Know Explore screen