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Key Concepts Involved

The core components highlight the dedicated flow of transforming raw data into data-driven insights. We use some of the high-end tools and frameworks to refine the raw data to insights that help business make informed decisions in real-time.

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data collection

Data Collection

The key component of Data collection sets the foundation of the output generated. This phase involves collecting raw data from relevant sources such as social media campaigns, customer interactions, and sensor logs. The data accuracy and quality can determine the quality of your predictive model.

  • Data accumulation
  • Data streamlining
  • Web scraping tools
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data extraction

Data Extraction

This technique is laser-focused on refining the data to make it work for business. The process extracts meaningful data insights to a particular location for further processing. What it does is it makes it transform data into a suitable format for a better value proposition.

  • ETL pipeline (Extract, Transform. Load).
  • Data science tools like Apache, Kafka, etc
  • AWS Lambda Framework
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business needs

Business Needs

This component involves identifying the relevant variables that set the groundwork for the outcomes that you want to generate. It lays the context so the output generated works for your business. It establishes a context according to your customized needs.

  • Tensor Flow
  • Scikit learn Python-based framework
  • Microsoft Azure Machine learning
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regression analysis

Regression Analysis

Neural network analysis assists in establishing a core relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable. Regression analysis sets the foundation for the accuracy of the outcome by establishing a relationship between more than one or two variables. This means that it enables businesses to make informed data-driven decisions.

  • R for statistical computing
  • Pytorch Framework
  • Statsmodels in Python
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model training evaluation

Model Training & Evaluation

This is the most crucial component for training the ML model and its evaluation. It receives the inputs with a training dataset and labels so you can leverage the contextual outcomes. It analyzes the refined data leading to a calculated and precise output. The ML leverages underlying patterns and relationships between the dataset.

  • Amazon Sagemaker
  • StaMPS Python
  • XGBoost
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Innovative Features of Our Predictive Analytics Solution

Our customized features can meet all your unique needs that can help your business outperform your competitors. Our advanced analytics features assist you in predicting future scenarios that can be prevented in real-time.

demand forecasting Demand Forecasting
Customer Segmentation
risk assessment Risk assessment & mitigation
recommendation Recommendation systems
iot and sensor based IoT and sensor-based integration
prescriptive analytics Prescriptive Analytics
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Industries We Excel In

Our Prescriptive Analytics solutions have in-built data visualization Dashboards that are easy to comprehend and enable faster decision-making.. Using AI in predictive maintenance you can make intelligent

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Fintech
Industries We serve


AI-powered predictive analytics is a powerful way to boost decision making leveraging visualization Dashboards that are easy to comprehend. Our advanced analytics services comprise advanced tools and ML algorithms that analyze the Sales data to plan better campaigns and eventually improve conversion rates and boost sales. By using AI in predictive maintenance, Retailers can stay ahead of the competitive edge.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Churn prediction Rate
  • Demand forecasting
  • Price Analysis
Retail predictive analytics
Industries We serve


Leveraging our ML-based predictive models, healthcare professionals can identify all sorts of anomalies in the patient's clinical. So now you can meet your patient’s unique needs with enhanced healthcare delivery. Hence, you can recommend personalized treatment plans for patients eliminating the risk for some critical diseases.

  • Healthcare Process Automation
  • Intelligent Diagnosis
  • Risk assessment plan
  • Customized treatment for patients
Industries We serve


With Our stellar predictive analytics tools, you can gain end-to-end visibility of over-demand supply chain Dynamics in real-time Now you can manage your inventory operations more effectively and enhance the transportation flow. With our advanced predictive analytics tool, you can transport the goods, products, and materials within the allocated time and under the budget. Delight your customers with smarter logistics.

  • Reducing the Logistics and transportation costs
  • On-time delivery of goods
  • Optimized Inventory management
  • Monitor the performance in real-time
logistics sector
Industries We serve


Need a strategy to retrieve your customer base? A data-driven approach can do the job here! Leveraging our robust services integrated into your fintech app can help provide better customer services adhering to the cybersecurity parameters. Our advanced tools can help you identify fraud detection in real-time and immediate resolution. Using our Data insights you can learn about customer pain–areas to resolve them in real time.

  • Learn about customer preferences
  • Real-time Data Insights
  • Credit scoring analytics
  • Payment Cost analytics
fintech sector
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Empower your enterprise with informed data-driven decisions

Harness your business Data

Enable Smarter Decision-making
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What our clients say !

Our experiences helped us to gather a large amount of data about our business operations but that data needed to be utilized effectively. Here Yudiz enabled us, integrated an AI based predictive analytics tool which allowed us to scale using that data.

Olivia Svensson Finland

The synergy between our company and Yudiz was very helpful to put together an AI based solution. Their expertise in researching a specific domain and leveraging modern tools is something you don’t find everywhere nowadays.

Maya Bauer Austria

Yudiz understood our bottlenecks and the main problem was budget constraints. But even though their ability to strategize a cost-effective development plan was not fazed. I’m pretty glad I got to work with the industry's finest.

Tyler Do Young Singapore

It was the team that really impressed me in the domain of AI solution architecture. Yudiz has a very proficient team of experts that studied our data landscape to provide a robust solution.

Grant Brown USA
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Success Snapshot

With world-class design for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team,it's a no-brainer, right?

prodpredict ai

ProdPredict AI

ProdPredict AI employs cutting-edge predictive analytics to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce downtime, and increase overall production efficiency.

  • Predictive Maintenance Alerts
  • Production Quality Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Energy Usage Optimization
  • Machine Lifetime Prediction
prodpredict ai
retailprep ai

RetailPrep AI

RetailProphet AI integrates predictive analytics into retail operations, enhancing inventory management, customer satisfaction, and sales strategies.

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Replenishment Recommendations
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Sales Trend Prediction
  • Staff Allocation Optimization
retailprep ai
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    Frequently asked questions

    1. How does Predictive analysis work?

    Predictive analytics collects historical past data along with the present data to detect hidden underlying patterns that can detect future trends. Predictive analytics in retail can help brands identify customer trends and customize their products to match customer preferences.

    2. Why Predictive analytics is important?

    Predictive analytics is the data-driven tool that brands leverage to execute their proactive customer strategies. It extracts crucial raw data and generates meaningful insights that help businesses learn about customer preferences. It helps companies to offer highly personalized experiences to their target buyers.

    3. How can predictive analytics services help businesses?

    Predictive Analytics services can help the industry of every vertical helping them make improved data-driven decisions and prevent any risk in real time. Predictive analytics can assist businesses in customer analysis, inventory management, demand forecasting, in-depth data analysis, Predictive maintenance, and data visualization tools to adapt quickly to the dynamic market.

    The technology can increase business revenue, identify anomalies, and be well-equipped to sustain market fluctuations.

    4. What are successful Predictive Data analytics use cases?

    Predictive analytics uses artificial intelligence and Big data for businesses to create informed data-driven decisions. Some of its powerful use cases include:-

    • Demand forecasting
    • Analyzing customer Behaviour
    • Fraud detection
    • Data-driven insights
    • Equipment health
    • Healthcare Diagnosis

    Hence, Predictive data analytics services can help companies improve sales and revenue, reduce fraudulent activities, and understand customer needs.

    5. How much do predictive analytics services cost?

    For startups and mid-sized organizations, Predictive analytics services range from $10,000 to $1,00,000. These costs may vary depending on the number of your employees and your business requirements. However, companies need to allocate 4 to 6% of their budget