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Key Concepts Involved

Our AI-enabled system effectively manages the route optimization for an assigned set of destinations. Our solutions leverage advanced ML algorithms by effectively allocating task orders with a reduced time to delivery and improved fuel efficiency. Yudiz’sRoute Mapping solution simplifies the delivery process by finding the most optimal solution for you. It streamlines the efforts to meet your end goals.

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ML algorithms

Suite of Advanced ML Algorithms

There are various ML algorithms like the Genetic algorithm used for optimizing long and intricate route planning. They work on finding the most optimal path possible for a particular scenario. It constantly keeps iterating to find the shortest possible paths based on a real-time scenario.

  • GPS accelerated Machine learning approach
  • Finds the most optimal path possible.
  • Assist in long route planning with easier navigation
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real time data integration

Real-time Data Integration

Our custom solutions consider dynamic upgrades like weather conditions or traffic congestion and then adjust the route planning accordingly. This ensures efficient delivery in case of any uncertainties that cause unexpected delays.

  • Traces quickest path possible
  • Reduced travel time
  • Reduced delivery expenses
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multi stop route planning

Multi-stop Route planning

Planning long-term and intricate routes for multiple destinations is quite a challenging task. In scenarios where you have multiple deliveries lined up, our multi-stop route planning technique can your travel time to a greater extent.

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Saves Driver productivity
  • On-time Deliveries
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historical data analysis

Historical Data Analysis

Leveraging real-time data integrations, Our AI-powered systems can analyze vast amounts of historical data and analyze traffic patterns, the timing of delivery, and weather conditions. Using it, you can forecast more accurate predictions for an optimized Route planning.

  • Analyze vast amounts of Data
  • Real-time data integrations
  • Smarter Decision making
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dynamic routing

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing assists in adapting quickly to real-time situations rather than pre-planning static routes. Dynamic Routing offers flexibility to re-route in case of unprecedented uncertainty. This can boost the overall estimated timely arrival and hence, the efficiency.

  • Enhanced time of Arrival
  • Boosted efficiency
  • Allows any changes in real-time
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Compelling Features of Our Route Optimization Application

Our advanced features can streamline your entire Delivery process enabling smarter cost-efficient business decisions.

fleet management Fleet management
delivery time Delivery time window management
multi stop Multi-stop Route planning
dynamic routing capabilities Dynamic Routing
real time GPS tracking Real-time GPS tracking
scheduling Advanced scheduling
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Industries We Have Served

We have built customer AI-powered enterprise route mapping solutions, that have empowered businesses of all niches. Yudiz has crafted custom solutions for every industry vertical.

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Logistics
  • Retail industry
  • Food delivery services
Industries We serve

Manufacturing industry

We design end-to-end route mapping solution that automates backend operations with long-term route planning. This enhances the supply chain operations with real-time insights and techniques that human operators overlook.

  • Streamlined supply chain operations
  • Automated delivery operations
  • Enhanced on-time performance
  • Reduced driver stress
Industries We serve


Logistics route mapping can benefit from our routine mapping solutions to supply goods services with quicker Delivery time. This reduces driver stress and optimizes delivery performance. The approach saves fuel consumption and also eliminates your company's carbon footprint.

  • Quicker Delivery time.
  • Reduced Fuel expenses
  • Co-ordinated vehicle management
  • Environment-friendly approach
Industries We serve

Retail industry

With real-time route optimization capabilities, you can ensure on-time deliveries. You can empower your consumers with improved customer experiences and satisfaction. Help your business to stay ahead of the curve!

  • Optimized Delivery Route
  • Improved customer satisfaction experience
  • Cost-efficient approach
  • Increase fuel efficiency
Industries We serve

Food delivery services

Food delivery services aim to deliver piping hot food services to its consumers. By route optimization techniques, businesses can save a lot on their pockets and consumers a hassle-free experience. It allows businesses to meet the appropriate standard time of delivery

  • Meet delivery time standards
  • Hassle-free customer journey
  • Simplify the Driver task
  • Improved Driver productivity.
food delivery
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What our clients say !

We were looking for a trustworthy tech partner to gain an upper hand looking at the recent development in technologies. Yudiz was our preferred choice due to their skilled team of experts.

Xu Ruida Malaysia

They studied our business constraints to create a strategic development plan which won’t affect our delivery operations. I would like to commend their way to understand our requirements at a fundamental level to present a solution.

Amer Merhej Algeria

Our route mapping services were looking for robust AI based integration to help our drivers with insightful analytics. Team Yudiz was able to fabricate the best business and development strats for us in no time.

Saddie Buncher USA

We were looking for a way to integrate AI solutions in our routing app used by the drivers. Yudiz solutions has been an amazing tech partner through and through. Their deployment is swift and their development plans are agile.

Sophie Park USA
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Success Snapshot

With world-class design for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team,it's a no-brainer, right?

routesmart ai

RouteSmart AI

RouteSmart AI revolutionizes the logistics industry by using AI to optimize delivery routes, reducing travel time and costs, and increasing overall operational efficiency.

  • Dynamic Route Optimization
  • Real-time Traffic Analysis
  • Load Balancing
  • Predictive Weather Adjustments
  • Eco-friendly Routing
routesmart ai
transitflow ai

TransitFlow AI

TransitFlow AI utilizes advanced AI technologies to improve routing decisions for public transportation systems, enhancing timeliness, and reducing congestion.

  • Real-time Schedule Adjustments
  • Passenger Volume Analysis
  • Integrated Multimodal Routing
  • Event-based Route Modification
  • Accessibility Optimization
transitflow ai
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    Frequently asked questions

    1. What is Route optimization?

    Route planning and optimization is an effective technique used in logistics to facilitate delivery management. Route planning is a strategic process that involves designing and visualizing the different paths and optimizing them for improved time and fuel efficiency. It calculates several factors such as fuel consumption, number of paths, Delivery windows, and distance to discover the most optimal path. It ensures that the distance traveled is optimized for greater efficiency.

    2. How does a route mapping solution work?

    Mapping a route with multiple locations needs strategic tools to effectively manage deliveries. The route mapping approach revolves around collecting geospatial data and leveraging some of the smartest algorithms like Dikshatra algorithms or Genetic algorithms to carve the most efficient path for multiple locations.

    3. How do I route a map for multiple locations?

    To route a map for multiple locations, you need highly specialized tools that can handle the level of complexity. Such tools are also known as route planning software that can plan and optimize the most optimal routes for improved supply chain efficiency. Such specialized tools collect the input data like the multiple addresses and generate an effective output by calculating multiple factors like real-time traffic, distance, and number of stops.

    4. How can route optimization help 3PL companies?

    Route planning software is the technology that optimizes the delivery operations for multiple clients. It boosts the overall business efficiency and helps business gain a competitive edge in the market where efficiency is paramount. Some of its benefits include:-

    • Improved on-time delivery
    • Real-time tracking
    • Fuel efficiency
    • Managing Delivery windows
    • Greater customer satisfaction

    5. How can Route optimization help retailers?

    On-time deliveries are the most crucial requirement of the retail industry. Route planning solution is an efficient tool that helps retailers navigate through this requirement in the following ways.