Things to Keep in Mind for iOS 11 App Development – Part 1


iOS 11 is world’s most advanced mobile OS. It provides most amazing possibilities for AR(Augmented Reality) to the application and some other cool stuffs as well. With iOS 11 iDevices has become much better and more capable than ever.

Drag and Drop

  • This feature mainly focus for an iPad. It moves almost everything magically from one application to another application. It has been designed for large and multi touch displays.
  • For an iPhone it is done within application itself.
  • In tableview, there are two new delegate for drag and drop functionality

How to implement in your application?

First need to set delegates:

How to drag items in UITableView?


First Method(itemsForBeginning session), will lift only one item and drag it but by implementing Second Method(itemsForAddingTo session) you can select and drag multiple items.


First need to set delegate:

  • Here First and Second Methods are optional. First Method(canHandle session), will check table view and can handle drop or not. Second Method(dropSessionDidUpdate session), is used for animation while dropping item and also check for valid drag session.
  • Third Method(performDropWith coordinator), will perform drop of items at particular indexPath.

Swipes Actions


How to implement to your application?

Two New Methods in UITableViewDelegate.
– (leadingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt indexPath)
– (trailingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt indexPath)


I hope my above blog has helped you to get your hands on iOS 11 Application Development.
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