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Imagine you are sitting in a boring party and someone is blabbering continuously.This app includes a Bruh Button™ and BRUH Button Widget so when somebody is talking stupid and you want to smash, hit them with the bruh button.


By sharing on twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Vine for a 15seconds Bruh Button™ Challenge Game that tests how many times can you press the Bruh Button™ in 15 seconds.

This is a superb fun app with most amusing musics.

With the Bruh app you can also challenge your friends.

Bruh Emojis

 Funny Emojis for you to text your friends

Introducing Bruh Button Colors.

Choose from 9 different colors for your Bruh Button.

Press his shiny red nose to hear your favorite “BRUH” sound.


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Chirag Leuva | Co-Founder and CMO

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