3 Card Rumble

India’s Best Skill Card Game


- Android and iOS App


- Unity3D Engine, Node.js, C#


3 Card Rumble is the next level upgrade to Teen Patti or Poker gameplay that ignites a completely new excitement among the players across the globe. Compared to other gameplay rules, 3 Card Rumble comes with its own set of rules and variations such as the making of 5 hands instead of 1 amongst 3 players. It assures fair gameplay and also enables players to show off winnings to their friends across social platforms. The player can watch ads to earn free coins or else buy through in-app purchases. With each round, the player can enjoy a collection of coins making it more competitive and fun.


3 Card Rumble is an online entertaining game with various multiplayer modes like Charwali, Sewali, and a private table for the single-players including different levels namely Low Stakes, Mid Stakes, High Stakes, and Clash of Royals. The player can sign up or use the Facebook login for authorization to start the game within a click! The game is available to play seamlessly across all mobile devices of Android and iOS. The AI integrated model enables the opponent gamer for single players. The setting feature allows the player to set custom sound and vibration. Using the chat system, the players can interact during the gameplay.

UI/UX (Design)

The brand new variant of Teen Patti and Poker called 3 Card Rumble has an innovative user interface made using the Illustrator software. With the impressive and flawless user experience, 3 Card Rumble is an opportunity to practice and improve your skill in card games without gambling for real money. The unique game themes and captivating graphics ensure a pleasant user experience.


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Yudiz is an award-winning online card game development company offering custom solutions for different industry genres for unique game ideas and concepts.


For 3 Card Rumble, our dedicated card game development team has served the client requirement of making a Teen Patti variant gameplay environment. Our developers use Node.js as backend technology and Unity 3D Engine to assemble the front-end. The game is scalable with cross-platform support for both Android and iOS device users.

Game Screens

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