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Unlocking Mesmerizing world virtually!


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Just imagine, you’re standing in front of a door that connects you to the other part of the world, activated right from your phone. And then you just walk through it to experience something you never did before – Sounds interesting, isn’t it!


Backed by the AR technology, the application consists of a series of AR “portals” or you can say “doorways” that acts as an entry and exit point to connect visitors to the other unrevealed part of the world. Now getting on-board to your dream place has become easy with W5 Amaze. A simple yet magical concept.


Download the app now to unlock new doors and experience the difference!


Now travel to the fantasy worlds and witness the stunning views of Northern Ireland landscape through some magical portals with our AR-based W5 Amaze portals. It consists of 6 AR portals located around W5. All you need to do is just download the – AMAZE PORTALS on your iOS or Android device, look out for some special symbols through W5, follow the instructions on your screen and then simply unlock the portal doors. Now, enter your fantasy world by physically walking through the doorway and enjoy a complete 360- degree view of your surroundings. You can even look back to the real world that you came from through the same entry portal.

UI/UX (Design)

In order to achieve better results along with top-notch user experience, our UI/UX design experts customized the Scence Kit and built a 3D model in form of virtual door by incorporating some of the most prominent tools such as Maya, 3D artist and AR kit 2.0 and thus delivered seamless user experience with astounding results.

  • #01A6E5

    Primary Color

  • #482E6F

    Primary Color

  • #060606

    Secondary Color

  • #A8A8A8

    Secondary Color


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Managing real-time object simulation


Managing real-time user simulation along with mirroring actual-world objects with the virtual world was one of the most important aspects to conquer during the entire development of the AR-based mobile application. Being updated with the latest industry updates, our development team gained success in customizing and implementing the 3D model using some prominent tools like Maya, 3D artist and AR kit 2.0. Thus, managed to deliver the entire project keeping in mind client’s business needs and requirements.

App screens

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